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Who is Catherine De Medici first married to
Henry II
Who dies in a joust
Henry II
Who marries Mary Queen of Scots
Francis II
Who dies of small pox around the age of 16
Francis II
Who is Francis II younger brother that comes the throne around the age of 10
Charles IX
Who is also the brother of Francis II and Charles IX
Henry III
Who takes over after Charles IX dies of small pox
Henry III
Huguenots are known as what?
French Calvanists
Who attacks Hugenot Churches during French Wars of Religion.
for 30 years there is fighting going on between catholics and hugenots
French Wars of Religion
Who is the Hugenot leader during the French Wars of Religion.
Henry, Duke of Navarre
What is set up to stop fighting during French Wars of Religion.
Marriage of Catherine’s daughter Marguerite de Navarre with Henry of Navarre.
A wave of catholic mob violence against Hugenots.
St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
Was the final war of French wars of Religion
War of three henries
Between what three henries was the war of three henries.
-Henry of Guise (Catholic leader)
-King Henry III
-Henry of Navarre (Huguenot leader)
Who is known as one of Frances greatest kings
Henry IV (Henry of Navarre)
Who enacted the Edict of Nantes
Henry IV (Henry of Navarre)
What granted Hugenots substantial rights in a catholic nation.
Edict of Nantes
Comptroller General (secretary of treasury)
dominant economic theory in this period
-protective tariffs-tax on foreign made products
-import quotas-limits the amount of a product that can be brought into your country.
-rigid production
Who is responsible for “Grand Design”-purpose is to create a united Europe
Duke of Sully
Who marries Henry IV and is the future son of Louis XIII
Marie de Medici
Who assumes power When Louis XIII comes to throne
Cardinal Richelieu
-1) Debase the power of the nobles
-Prohibits Dueling
-2) Strengthen the monarchy
-3) Destroy Hapsburgs
Cardinal Richelieu
Who is responsible for intendents
Cardinal Richelieu
-Catholic League-illegal military alliance who attack protestants
-Protestant League-illegal military alliance formed to attack Catholic
Thirty Years War
What treaty was signed by between Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and the forces of the Schmalkaldic League that ended the struggle between the two groups
Peace of Augsburg
illegal military alliance who attack protestants
Catholic League
illegal military alliance formed to attack Catholic
Protestant League
Who allows religous tolerance in Bohemia?
Rudolph II
Who succeeds and hates Protestants?
Who revokes religious freedom
Ferdinand’s men are thrown out a window-a bohemian tradition-begins thirty years war.
Defenestration of Prague
responsible for beginning thirty years war
Defenestration of Prague