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Vikings Trade
Furs, wax, fish
England Trade
Iron and silver coins
Flander's Fairs
a trading covention held once a month; champagne is the most famous
means "wall"; people inside the wall are called "burger"
the poor buy charters from the merchants and payments to live in a land
Commercial Revolution
[brought capitalism];
1. Bills of exhange: make life easy in capitalism.
2. Early Banks
3. Money of the Middle Ages
4. Merchant Guilds - union that make sure people does their work; bought things for smalll money.
5. Craft Guilds - the people who work that cutally make the product.
put rules against merchants and crafts people; promotes the middles ages by promoting capitalism
father of Spain; who thrive the muslims out of Spain(First Nation in Europe) except in Grenada.
Alfred the Great
glorified Enland in one nation
Edward the confessor
spent money building churches; "all about the religion"; caused the normans to take over
Harold Godwinson
fought the vikings in the north; fought against William of Normandy in the Battle of Hastings in 1066
William of NOrmandy
claimed the promise of kinship after the battle of Hastings; defeat Harold Godwinson by his army long bow arc arrows.
Battle of Hastings between William of Normandy and Harold Godwinson; Harold lost. Battle that changed England
Doomsday Book
created by William that listed all the lands in england and whose families owns it along how much the property is worth and the list of their taxes
Oath of Salibury Plain
made knights oath to the king b/c if rebel, they will be sent to hell.
a)also give a strong centralize monarchy by forcing Normans to speak English
b)divided the country into counties each having 100 villages
c)sheriff is in charge of King's laws and each county
Henry II
"King of England, Duke of Normandy, Duke of Aquataine"
a)starts Plantagement Dynasty
b)Exchequer- tax (treasure)collect taxes
c)Expanded Royal courts
Thomas A Becket
was appointed by King Henry II to be the next archbishop of Canterbury however he supported the Pope more than Henry II; was killed by the Knights in Canterbury church; became a saint
King John
was forced to sign the magna carta in 1215 which limits his power
Magna Carta signed by King John; Limits the power of the king. also know as "Great Charter"
King cannot increased taxes without the approval of the parliamen; have House of lords and HOuse of Common; could not be forced to Marry; and Trial by Jury
Edward I
King of England who took Wales and Scotland; Called First Parliament
William Wallace
took Edward I's castles in stronghold by allowing his people invade it and capture supplies
Hugh Capet
new family king who was though the weakest and dumbest to lead the land to the lords, but actually smart and strong
Philip II
Took advantage of Henry II; taught king Henry II's sons to rebelled against their father; made England a French territory
Philip IV
made a counterfeit of Parlament to favor the King;
Estates General
Church and lords pay no taxes common people pay all taxes
Condrad 1024
made all Germans speaking people to unite with him
Frederick I
conquered North Italy; Half Italian and Halt German; live in Italy since it has more money;
Teutonic Knights
Monks from Eastern Germany who spent time praying and training; "brave people"; conquered Prussia to developed German custom
Genghis Khan
United all the Mongolians into one big army "the Horde"; used battle storms to win battles; conquered China, Russia, Persia
Golden Horde
people who lived in Golden Tents; slaves the russians; was taught by Mongols to become the army
Alexander Nevsley
1st her of Russia; defeat the Teutonic Kinights by having them across a frozen lake which killed them.
developed Junni
Foreign mercenaries who want to take over the country
the leader of the turks, the leader of army
shi'ites people; built the new Cairo
Alexis I
New king of Byzantine Empire; took away lands from small farmers which causes the army to fall apart.
Pop and Patriarch excommunicated each other; fought over the Doctrine; now have orthodox church and Roman Catholic Church
Alexius I
Seljurkturks beat Byzantine army at Manzikert
Pope Urban II
started the first crusades; held the Council of Clermont
Peter the Hermit
leader of the People Crusades; marched people to Holyland; no common weapons, GOD is their weapon
First Crusade
a successful crusade; Surrounded Antioch;
Edessa- christian city; knights pulled tricks by carry a heavy coffin into the city gate and capture the city; Jerusalem- France attack at the rear of the infantry of the Muslims, muslims hang pilgrims in cross in the city, crusarders went mad and wipe out the the muslims.
Second Crusade
Muslims capture Edessa again after one generation; french were not organized
Shi'ite; capture Jerusalem for the christians
Rederick Barbarossa
German King; drowned, as he try to go to crusade, army went home
Richard I
capture Acre; killed by a posion arrow; created a treaty that all the christians will be able to visit the holy places in Jerusalem
Philip II
person who steal land from King JOhn.
Fourth Crusade
Pope still wanted the Holy Land but have no money; made a deal with the Italians.
ROger Bacon
Says "Ideas should be tested whether it is good idea or bad idea.
Chritians found a librry with all science books, and made copies into Latin
first modern university since the fall of rome because most science stuff are there.
University of Paris
started by King of France; students became thinkers testing all ideas
-Oxford University by
new philosophy; find the truth by asking an important person
Romanseque Churches
Big towers, little doors. long church
Gothic Cathedral
Ribbed Vaults, Flying Buttress, Stained-glass
Black Death
Bubonic, Pneumonic, Septicemic;

Caffe- where it began
Hundred Years Wars
1)wine tax of Gascony
2)Flander's Wool trade
3)Capet Family dies out so English King Next in line.
Battle of Crecy
England's King Edward III defeats France's King Philip by a long bow; end the pursuit of France taking England territory.
Battle of Poitiers
Black Prince Beats King John II; France walked on armors
Battle of Agincourt
First battle where a cannon was used; Henry V became King when he is English since no new French King and the son cannot be crowded b/c English still owns part of France;
Joan of Arc
Saves Orleans b/c "God told her to save France"; took French army to create a new army which all the French army are included; was burned when committing withchery, but not true & became a saint.
German Monarchy
4 not church people & 3 church people elect the German Emperor.
Golden Bull
Law that made the monarchy of German.
States of Italy
South taken by France
Sicily taken by Spain
North ruled by city states
--->Coondotieri "mecernaries" in City States; fight proposed the army for the city states
Decline of Church (essay)
--Pope Boniface VIII passed Unam Sactan - the pope is above all kings & emperors; "Emperor of all world"
--Pope excommunicates Philip IV
--Philip forces cardinals to elect French man, and that is Pope Clement V
--Romans sid they will kill cardinals if Italian is not Pope, Urban VI is the Pope
--French Cardinals elect French man Pope Clement VII
wrote Divine Comedy; three parts: Inferno, Progatory, Paradise
houmanist who produce sonnets
wrote Decameron: consists ten stories
wrote Canterbury Tales
New Medicine
Old Phsyicians don't cure many people now.
New Medicine- look at symptoms and treat it with the opposite; help cure different disease
Ice glasses, chinese invented the lens, gunpowder, paper; European made guns