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What is the definition of history?
The memory of things said and done.
What is the definition of Mesopotamia?
The land between two rivers.
What two rivers is Mesopotamia found between?
Tigris and Euphrates
What are the six characteristics of a civilization?
1) Urbanization
3) Writing
4) Religion
5) Social Structure
6) Artistic Pursuits
What three things originated in Mesopotamia?
1) Divine Right Theory
2) Multiplication and Division
3) Territorial Consolidation
What is the Divine Right Theory?
God's will for a King to reign.
Who was the first person to consolidate land and where was he from?
-King Lugalzaggisi

-From Umma
What was the first system of writing, and who invented it?
-Cuneiform (began as pictograph, then turned into phonetic)

-Invented by Sumerians
What was the first book written in Western Civilization?
Epic of Gilgamesh
What are the three groups of people in the social structure of ancient Mesopotamia?
1) Nobility (included the Royal Family and Priests)

2)Commoners (the majority)

3)Slaves (could became slaves in three ways)
a)conquered by someone else

b)man had debt he couldn't
repay, so he'd offer his
wife and/or kids as

c)man could offer himself
as slave
Who was the first person to write down/codify laws, and where was he from?
-King Hammurabi

-From Babylon
What was the religion of ancient Mesopotamia?
Where did the Hebrews live?
Who were the two groups of people living in Palestine in 1200 B.C.?
1) Philistines (lived in Western Palestine)

2) Phoenecians (Northern Palestine)
Who led the Hebrews into Palestine?
Who was the first King of Palestine?
Why did the 12 tribes of Hebrews unify?
To protect themselves against their enemies.
Who was the second King of Palestine, and what happened during his reign?
King David, Jurusalem became the capital of the Hebrews.
Who was the third King of Palestine?
King Solomon
Why did the Hebrews split into two seperate groups?
They couldn't agree on their next leader.
How many tribes were in the Northern tribes, and what were they called?
Ten tribes, called the "Kingdom of Israel"
How many tribes were in the Southern tribes, and what were they called?
-2 tribes
-called Kingdom of Judah
Who was the Kingdom of Israel attacked and conquered by?
Who did the Assyrians attack and conquer?
The Kingdom of Israel
What is another name for the Kingdom of Israel after it was conquered, and why was it called that?
-The Lost Tribes
-Those people ceased to be "Israelites" because they married the Assyrians, and adapted to their culture.