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Who was James Watt?
James Watt patented the steam engine.
Who was John Kay?
John Kay invented the flying shuttle, which operated the loom.
Who was james Hargreaves?
Invented the spinning Jenny, which made it possible for one person to use more than one thread.
Who was Richard Arkwright?
Made the water frame
Who was Eli Whitney?
Cotton gin
Who was Isaac Singer?
Sewing machine.
What did the steam engine do?
It provided more efficient machinery.
What did Europeans start to use instead of wood?
Charcoal, then coal.
Who was Bessemer?
Created Bessemer process, which was a method for mass producing steel
Who was George Stevenson?
Created the first powerful locomotive, called "the Rocket".
It went 12 miles in 53 minutes.
Who was Michael Faraday?
Developed the first electrical generator.
What was used instead of coal in trains?
Who was Rudolph Diesel?
Created more efficient diesel engine.
Who was Gotley Daimlar?
Created gas-powered bike, first motorcycle. The frame was added around the engine and first automobile is created.
Who is Henry Ford?
He took the assembly line concept and applied it to automobile industry, so cars would be produced faster and cheaper.
Who was Ferdinand VonZeplin?
Created the first blimp.
Who were the Wright Brothers?
First successful plane and flight.
How did communications improve?
Telephone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell
Who was Steve Morse?
Created the morse code.
What 2 ways did changes in agriculture have an impact on Industrial Revolution?
1. less people working/less land
2. famine is gone -new ways of producing food.
Why were women and children preferred to work?
Because they could be paid less.
Who was Victoria?
King William IV's niece. He had no direct heir, so she became queen. Married Prince Albert and had 9 kids.
Why was Victoria called the Grandmother of Europe?
Because she had so many children and grandchildren that all went to rule in different places
Who was Jack the Ripper?
Murdered at least 5 prostitutes, but was never caught.
What is liberalism?
A believe in a constitutional government, rather than rule by the divine right of kinds. Liberals did not believe in the idea of direct democracy.
What is conservatism?
According to Klaus von Metternich, they believed in the divine right and absolute power of kings, the special rights of the nobility and aristocracy, and were opposed to any kidn of change.
According to Edmund Burke, they believed that society would gradually change for the better, through a slow proecc, as long as power remained in their heads.
What is nationalism?
The feeling that people with a common history, language, and culture should combine politically to govern themselves in their own separate nation-state. Was first seen during the Napoleonic period and was important to the emerging states of Europe.
What is radicalism?
Against the established ways of doing things. Wanted complete restructing of the law, the legal system, prisons, etc. Located mainly in Great Britain.
What is republicanism?
How radicalism was represented on the continent of Europe. Stuents, writers, the working class, etc, who were inspired by the French Revolution.
What is socialism?
Shared the policital views of republicans, but believe in a few others as well. They wanted complete change in the economy , and felt that there shoudl be a more fair distribution of wealth and income among society.
What are anarchists?
These were the "lunatic fringe" who believed that the only way true change was going to come about was by killing off a king of president, or head of government. Some victims of anarchists include Czar Alexander II of Russia, Empress Elizabeth of Austria.
What was communism?
Synonym to socialism. Karl Marx said that the working class would have to take power for itself.
What was humanitarianism?
The heightened sense of the reality of cruelty inflicted upon others.People began to be moved by the plight of the poor, widows, and orphans.
What was romanticism?
The dominant artistic and literary movement of the period. It is complex and diverse.
What happened during the Crimean War?
Helped make possible the success of nationalism.
Weakened Russia.
Allowed Italian to make their own states.
First war covered by press.
First war where women were nurses.
First war in centuries with France and England on the same side.