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Austrias Chief Negotiator
shaped post-napoleonic order
austrian cabinet
noblemen who spoke 5 languages
Prince Klemens von Metternich
british prime minister
robert castlereagh
napoleons foreign minister
former bishop
Edmund Burke
original british critic of french revolution
John Wesley
english methodists followed him
george stephenson
engineer that perfected the train
Jeremy bentham
english philosopher and jurist..."greatest good for the greatest number" ...unitarianism
Thomas More
wrote Utopia
robert owens
successful welsh-born manufacturer, founded british socialism
Saint-Simon and fourier
Owens counter parts in france
Frances 1
weak habsburg emperor
friedrich ludwig jahn
burschenschaften...student societies....he was a leader
Lord byron
wrote romanticism poetry...died fighting for greek independence
caspar david friedrich
german romantic painter
joe turner
english painter...nature
ferdinand VII
spanish ruler
prince alexander ypsilanti
greek general in russian army who tried to lead a revolt against turks but failed
simon bolivar
son of a slave owner...leader of restive colonist from mexico to argentina
Charles X
louis xviii younger brother and successor...brought about his own downfall
Louis philippe
duke of orleans was given the crown from charles x
leopold of saxecoburgh
new kingdom of belfium was offered to him...german prince
george iv
new king of british threatened the future of monarchy
sir robert peel
secretary for home affairs...created Bobbies?
alphonse de lamartine
one leader of republic of france....romanctic poet
louis napoleon bonaparte
elected president of france
charles albert of piedmont
king of italy
frederick william iv
prussian king
general prince windischgratz
military governor
francis joseph
leader of the austrian monarchy
joseph radetsky
defeated the last italian challenges to austrian powers
alexander II
emperor of russian after father nicolas death
Camillo di Cavour
prime minister of the kingdom of piedmont-sardinia
victor emmanuel II
ruler of italy
sent to liberate sicily
prussian minister-president
william I
german emperor
Woodrow Wilson
president of US at start of WWI
kaiser william II
ruler of germany during WWI
alfred nobel
swedish arms manufactuer patented dynamite and gunpowder...
encouraged William II to view the navy as the essential ingrediat to making germany world power
francis ferdinand
austrian archduke...start of WWI
shot both ferdinand and sophie