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Moveable Type
Gutenburg idea from china, changed european language, Ideas and knowledge can spread quickly
Olive Garden
Small group of individuals who are powerful because they controle source of wealth
emphasized direct governmental intervention in economic polciy to enhance the genaeral prosperity of the state and to increase polital authority
system of production distrubution and exchange in which accumulated wealth is invested by private owners for the sake of gain.
New World Crops and effects
Maize and potatoes: resulted in provision of more adequate diet for the poor
2 reasons why needed strong central government
Seafaring and Artillery...why?
strong central government that developed where ruler had complete authority over territory.
Stuart kings
Kings in europe, got into trouble with money, very catholic tendencies and argued with protestants.
joint stock
many individuals go into an organization together to spilt cost and to split benefits.
What were the two valuable exports from the new world.
Sugar and tobacco
tobacco was more adaptable
Other valuables from new world
Fishing and fur trade
Triangular Trade
Rum to africa, slaves to west indes, suger to europe and turned into rum
Place where louie 16th wowed the noblity
Glourious Revolution
King and Queen ruled under parliment. Ruled under the law. Goverment under a constitution. Not democracy, rules the governement must operate by
Act of Toleration
granted protestants who were not members of the church of england the right to worship though not the right to hold politial office.
Why called the Glorious Revolution
No blood was spilt
Glourious Revolution
King and Queen ruled under parliment. Ruled under the law. Goverment under a constitution. Not democracy, rules the governement must operate by
Regular Army
Important conept that strong central gov. needed, used to have to go to nobility, but with funding from mercantalism, could have
Hapsburg Monorchy
create secondgreates absoulute monarchy. Foundations of Austrian empire. External threats caused them to become absoulte monarchy
2 threats to the Hapsburg monarchy
1 prostant reformation, were strong catholic and determined to keep it that way.
2. make a stand against the invading turks
not as agriculturally rich as France, Big planters, no military defenses, smallest and weakest of the powers
Polish Liberties
Polish nobility, land owners, clug to ancient rights, did not develope strong central gov, not very strong.
Planter class from Prussia,
Planter class from Prussia,
Heliocentricity & Geocentricity
Sun as center and

Earth as center
Boyle's law
under constant temperature, the volume of gas decreases propertion to the pressure palced on on it.
Pascal's thoughts that fate, salvation through fate alone.
whatever will be, will be
most famous enlightment thinker in Europe
born nobel family, came up with idea of checks and balances. eventally effected united states constitution. Wrote spirit of laws, most influential work of the enlightnment
Diderot and the Encyclopedia
intended to summarize and disseminate all the advanced knowledge. demonstrated how scientifi analysis could be applied in nearly all realms of thought.
Adam Smith
founding father of moder economics, price goes up, price goes down, basically supply and demand. Realized the advantage of division of labor
God was creator, crated universe that works through natural laws.
7 years war
contest for controle of north america
Palmer Thesis
financial crises, no choice but to call legilature and try to convince them to pay taxes.
Shay's rebellion
rebellion on mass, dictated the necessity of a strong central government.
Tennis Court Oath
met at tennis courts to establish a constitution and stay until king accepts it. begginings of democracy
Bastille Day
small mob stormed prision, moment that revolution becomes an idea.
Women's march to versie
National assembly promotes national gurad. seperate from army.
thought republich whould be established. anticlergical, not opposed to religion, but opposed to catholic chruch and their ideas
assinated, conservative, look what this revolution has produced, gave the sense that nobody was safe
order all these supsected of ravolution be put to death.
play during French revolution that imiates the insanity and chaos during revolution
Consitution of the Year 8
Napolean crowns himself emperor and gains power beyond dreams. Contraversail
Battle of trafalgar
British defeat French navy
ideas napolean implanted into europe
1. uniform taxes
2.contental system
3.sound currancy
4.uniform laws
5.idea of a nation