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which were not part of the domains of philip the 2nd?
which was not one of luthers 95 theses
this word (repentance) refers to the sacrament of penance
which of the following was not one of the expressions of catholic popular religion in the century before the reformation
the priesthood of all believers
which of the following was not one of the responses of the catholic church to the protestant reformation
to abandon the cult of saints
in 1519, the kings of ... bid to become holy roman emperer
England, France, Spain
the protestant doctrine of justification by faith alone
required the clergy to act as intermediaries with god
which was not one of the goals of the statebuilders of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
to encourage religious diversity
roman law was a usefull tool to statebuilders because
it was easy to reconcile with the common or traditional law of most countries
representatice institutions
were popular assemblies like those if the greek city states consisting of all citizens
the new alliance between capital and state
created a stabler economic system than that of the missle ages.
the... was a league of german trading cities mostul along the baltic sea including riga danzig and lubecl
hansiatic league
augstrurg lay in a good position for a tradfing city because it was close to the alps between the ...rivers
danube and rhine
until its harbor silted up, bruges was a focus of trade with the baltic and the north seas. shipppiung then whifted to the city of ... and than to ...
antwerp, ghent
the city of... was a pioneer in the development of such commercial institutions as the stock exchange
... was the polish astronomer who argues that the earth orbits the sun. ... made discovered that planets follow eliptical orbits
copernicus, kepler
great trading cities such as antwerp and amsterdam
were too interested in commerce to patronize the arts
the politics
believes that only religious uniformity could make the state strong
which of the following leaders was an advocate of religious toleration
henry IV of France
the treaty of Westphalia
finally established religious toleration in the holy roman empire
in the course of winning independence from spain, the dutch
drove catholics out of their relm.
Louis the XIV permantely moved his court to the great palace at...
Paris; Versailes
The political absolutism of the seventeenth century entrusted absolute power to
the monarch
for long periods in the secenteenth century, ... was governed by regent because louis 13 and ... were children.
France, louis XIV
which of the following was not one of the French satesman who tried to create public order by concentrating power in the central monarchy
the glorious revolution in the year ... deposed ... and replaced him with ...
1688, james II, William and Mary
In the series of civil wars known as the fronde, the ... and the the ... tried to assert their rights against the french crown
Nobility, Parliament in Paris
In an attempt to build a strong monarch, Louis XIV
extended religious toleration to all his subject willing to live in peace
mercantilism was an economic system
that advocated the free play of market forces
during 1942-1642 parliament refused to grant taces to Charles I to pay for an army
because parliament sympathized with the irish rebels
in the leviathon, thomas hobbes
argued that selfishness justifies the overthown of rulers
the austrian tried to revive the port at..., after that failed they went to ...
Antwerp, TRiste
among the enlightened despots were Catherine the great of ..., Frederick the Great of ... and joseph II of ...
Russia, Prussia, Austria
in the 18th century poland lost lands to ... and ..., until in ... the polish state ceased to exist.
Russia, Prussia, and Austria, 1795
Under the enlightened despot of Federick the great...
a considerable degree of religious toleration was granted
which was not an important painter of the 18th century
in the holy roman empire of the 18th century
the rulers of prussia and austria were the foremost soveriegns
name two of the great maritime powers
England, and France
In the style of warfare in the 18th century..
aristocrats were driven from the officer corps well before the french revolution
the rococo style
was a reaction against the stately ponderous restained style popular in the afe of louis XIV.
name one of the great painters who specialized in vendute of venice
canalleto, Bellotto, and the guardi brothers
which of the following was not a member of the masonic lodges
louis XVI
great scientist of the seventeenth century ...who discovered circulation of blood, ... invented lenses to see bacteria, ...gasses
William Harvey, Anton Van Lecuvenhoek, Robert Boyle
Galileo invented all of the following except
the barometer
... author of the persian letters, ... authore of candide
Montesquieu and voltaire
REasons for englands strong economic growth in the eighteenth century
largest army
deists believed that
god intervened directly in human affairs
among the signs of increasing properiety
declining population
voltaire opposed the roman catholic church because
he was atheist
the editors and writers of the great encyclopedia
tended to subordinate politics to the economy.
which of the following cities was not founded in the seventeenth centuty
during the french and indian war
the french lost all but a small part of their empire in North America
who did not participate in the constitutional convention
thomas paine
during the american revolution the french
were to only european nation to aid the rebels
the following group was not allowed to vote under the new constitution of 1787
Thomas jefferson
favored a strong central government with extensive powers to coerce state governments
the english colonies in North America
were usually allowed extensive powers of self government
in the years before the American revolution
the English armies did much to make the colonies safe from attack
one of the important grievances that lay behind the American revolution
was the English decision to abolish religious toleration in the colonies
the constitutional convention was devided between men like ... who wanted the individual states to have as much independance, and others like ... who wanted ccentral government.
jefferson, hamilton
which did not help supply the american rebel with money
in 1789
the revolutionary gov declared war on austria prussia and england
which was not one of the achievements of the french revolution
a stable economy in france
by 18000 all but one had experiments with universal conscription
which was not one of napoleons conquests
by 1789 the French gov was in severe economic trouble
the french economy was one of the most underdeveloped in europe
the religious policy of the revolutionary gov
was supported by the king
the french tactic of fighting in columns
was designed to spare manpower
in their policy of conquests, the revolutionary and napoleanic govs
did not invade countries that already had a republican form of gov.
the napoleanic code protected
womens suffrage