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I traveled from the library.
Dw i wedi teithio o'r llyfrgell.
You walked from the shop. (sing.)
Wyt ti wedi cerdded o'r siop.
He came to the class.
Mae e wedi dod i'r dosbarth.
She came from the house.
Mae hi wedi dod o'r ty.
Sian moved to the university.
Mae Sian wedi symud i'r brifysgol.
The children arrived in the town.
Mae'r plant wedi cyrraedd i'r dre.
You pony trekked. (pl.)
Dych chi wedi merlota.
They moved to the United States.
Maen nhw wedi symud i'r Unol Daleithiau.
I have not pony trekked.
Dw i ddim wedi merlota.
You have not walked to Ireland.
Wyt ti ddim wedi cerdded i Iwerddon.
He has not gone to the class.
Dydy e ddim wedi mynd i'r dosbarth.
She has not come from the library.
Dydy hi ddim wedi dod o'r llyfrgell
Sian has not moved to the United States.
Dydy Sian ddim wedi symud i'r Unol Daleithiau.
The children have not pony trekked.
Dydy'r plant ddim wedi merlota.
We have not come yet.
Dyn ni ddim wedi dod eto.
You have not come yet. (pl.)
Dych chi ddim wedi dod eto.
They have not pony trekked to the house.
Dyn nhw ddim wedi merlota i'r ty.
Have I traveled to Ireland?
Yes you have. / No you haven't.
Ydw i wedi teithio i Iwerddon?
Wyt. / Nag wyt.
Have you walked to the library?
Yes I have. / No I haven't.
Wyt ti wedi cerrdded i'r llyfrgell?
Ydw. / Nag ydw.
Has he pony trekked to Ireland?
Yes he has. / No he hasn't.
Ydy e wedi merlota i Iwerddon?
Ydy. / Nag ydy.
Has she gone to a library?
Yes she has. / No she has not.
Ydy hi wedi mynd i lyfrgell?
Ydy. / Nag ydy.
Has Sian moved to a house?
Yes she has. / No she hasn't.
Ydy Sian wedi symud i ty?
Ydy. / Nag ydy.
Have the children arrived from the class?
Yes they have. / No they haven't.
Ydy'r plant wedi cyrraedd o'r dosbarth?
Ydyn. / Nag ydyn.
Have we gone to the house?
Yes we have. / No we have not.
Ydyn ni wedi mynd i'r ty?
Ydyn. / Nag ydyn.
Have you come from the shop? (pl.)
Yes we have. / No we have not.
Ydych chi wedi dod o'r siop?
Ydyn. / Nag ydyn.
Have they traveled to Wales?
Yes they have. / No they haven't.
Ydyn nhw wedi teithio i Gymru?
Ydyn. / Nag ydyn.