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Grieving Process
S/S of Anxiety
>emotional upset
>Sweaty/cool skin (diaphoretic)
>rapid breathing (hyperventilating)
>fast pulse (tachycardic)
factors pt. reaction to injury/illness
socioecnomic background, fear of medical personnel, alcohol or substance abuse, history of chronic disease, mental disorders, reaction to meds, age, nutritional status, feelings of guilt, past exp. w/illness/injury
three stage response
general adaptation syndrome
critical incident stress management
Critical incident stress debriefing
body substance isolation
expressed consent
consent which pt. speaks/acknowledges that he/she wants care or transport
Implied consent
limited to life-threatening emergency sitiuations
medical jurisprudence (law) or forensic medicine
Requirements of DNR
>clearly states pt.'s med. probs.
>signed by pt. or legal guardian
>be signed by 1+ physicians
>exp. date (12 mos)
**still obligated to provide supportive care
Health Insurance Protability and Accountability Act 1996
Special reporting requirements
>abuse of children, older persons, & others
>injury during commission of felony
>drug related injuries
>scene of a crime
>the deceased
physical signs of death
>obvious mortal damage-decap.
>dependent livity
>rigor mortis