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Quinidine (5)
1. Pro-arrhythmic
2. Anti-cholinergic effect causing increased AV conduction resulting in VT
3. Alpha blocker causing increased vasiodilation and hypotension
4. Upset GI
5. Chinchonism (tinnus vertigo headache)
Disopyramide what is it like and side effects
1. Quinidine
2. Greater anti-cholingeric effects
Procainamide what is it like and side effects
1. Quinidine
2. Lupus like syndrome
Tocainide what is it like and side effects
1. Lidocaine
2. Neutropenia
This is Viagra and it causes alteration in color vision leading to difficulty with blue green discrimination.
Propafernone what is it like and side effects
1. Fecainide
2. Has weak B blocking activity and causes a metallic taste in your mouth along with constipation
Moricizine what is it like and side effects
1. Flecainide
2. Used for ventricular arrhythmias
1. Impotence
2. Depression
1. Constipation due to decreased smooth muscle action
1. Increased QT with no torsades de pointes
2. Thyroid dysfunction
3. Increased serum transaminases
4. Grey slate appearance
5. Photosensitivity
6. Lung Fibrosis
1. AT
2. AV block
3. Dig Delirium - nausea, blurred vision and hallucinations
Captopril cough from increased bradykinin levels
1. PDE inhibitor
2. Ventricular arrhythmias
3. Hypotension
4. Hepatoxicity
5. Thrombocytopenia