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What is an ethical dilemma is?
being forced to choose b/t 2 equally unappealling choices.
whenever we have to make an ethical decision we bring alot of things to the table. how are our values formed?
family culture churches experiences in life school work including cultural differences. This is what we bring to the table to make ethical decisions.
What are morals?
socially accepted moras. personal beleifs, etc. what is going to help us is the Code of Ethics the ANA established. This will help us. The principles of Ethics
Principles of Ethics.
Be flamiliar w/ them & what they mean. that's it.
I will appreviate Principles of Ethics as PoE
PoE Autonomy
self determination
ability to act for one's self. give an example
the right to refuse treatment
the right to be involved in your health care, etc.
what is the nurse's obligation in regards to to the PoE Autonomy for the patient?
to inform the patient of their rights, so they can make a good choice
be respectful of their rights
be respectful of their decisions, especially when those decisions aren't ones we would make.
So the nurse's obligation is to inform and support a client's decisions.
can we say to a patient
boy that's not a decision i or my family would make!
no we cannot say that to a client. we can only answer their questions with the right information. do good. how hard is it for us to do good?
Ex when we try to rehabilitate someone. is it the best thing to do EVERYthing for them? no. they have to struggle
Nonmaleficience is not doing harm. gray area is like ...
giving a patient too much pain medicine which suppresses the respiratory system. so we have to balance when we make a decision, not black n white
Justice is about treating all people equally. do we do this?
no. Ex. we have pregidices we aren't even aware of. Like someone who is abusing the hospital system by smoking and having to come back alot will make us frustrated! or the alcoholic that keeps coming back.
rich people vs poor people. do we have a preference to giving rich better care?
the truth is we try to do our best and leave our predigies at home
Veracity is telling the truth. We cannot get involved in deception. Plus, in conjunction w/ this is ...
telling them w/o using medical jargoon. so they can understand as best as possible.
what about a patient's family that says not to tell the patient the truth about a diagnosis?
a durable power of attorney is when the patient is compleletly wipped out. So this doesn't work here. The doctor and family must could get together and decide not to tell the patient a diagnosis.
what would not telling the patient they are going to die deprive them of?
making plans to get they're affairs in order, deprieve them of saying their goodbyes.
to do this would involve the doctor and family. I don't think you should involve the nurse in a decision like this.
try to get that straightened out asap. and every facility has policy about these kind of things.
but whats important with Veracity again?
to tell the truth.
Fidelity is what?
doing what we said we would do. even simple things like I'll check on you in 5
Confidentiality is respect to a patient's information. looking at a patient's screen, or talking in the hall, but especially what?
the computer screen
the nursing code of ethics
developed in 1950 by the ANA is a what?
a standard of conduct.
it assists in ethical decision making
students make a commitment when entering this. Has 9 parts
first rule is respect for human dignity. whats this?
the nurse practices w/ compassion & respect to give each patient dignity, worth, and uniqeness.
the next ANA code for nurses says:
the nurse's primary commitment is to the patient, ie. individual, group, family, or ...
ANA Code for Nurses says:
The nurse promotes, advocates, strive to protect health, safety, & ...
rights of patients
the nurse is responsible & accountable for their individual nursing practice and determines the appropiate ...
delegation of tasks consistantly to provide optimun patient care.
ANA Code for Nurses states that the nurse owes same care for themselves as to others, including ...
responsiblitiy to safety, competence, and continue to promote their own professional growth
ANA Code for Nurses says:
the nurse participates in establishing, maintaining, and improving health care enviroments and ...
Is breaking the Nurse's Code of Ethics against the law?
no BUT then again parts of it are EX:
breaking the code of confidentiality is against the law! And descrimination b/c there are other laws against things like this.
Nurses are responsible and they are accountable for the end result. Where its something we have done or deligated. does this delegate away the responsibility?
no. delegation doesn't shift accountablility/responsiblityaway.
Now the Patient Bill of Rights
the American Hospital Ass. came out with this. whats are those rights?
considerate care
understand care implemtation
know their care providers
make decision regarding PoC
Have advance directions
Privacy & confidentiality
review records
what is the definition of Nursing?
there is medical diagnosis and nursing diagnosis
diagnosis & treatment
of human responses
to health & illness.

Break Time and continue w/ the lecture...
Nurse Practice Act
a law set by each state that outlines what?
defines disciplinary measures,
defines the practice of nursing
outline qualifications for lisence
Administrative Rules:
part of the Practice Act
defines scope of practice. why is this important?
so we don't step outside the scope of practice.
Do nurses have rights? what rights?
floating nurse rights
mandatory overtime rights
(used to be suppressed with patient abandonement) but admin doesn't hassle nurses's that way anymore.
do nurses have a right to advance orientation and 'head's up' ?
they have to provide some orientation in specialty areas.
what are the legalities of students practicing nursing? and what level is expected of us?
we are not working as CNAs. we are students practicing as LPNs. We also say we won't try to do anything we haven't learned in class to do. Even if your under supervision of a nurse, we will never be asked to do something by ourselves and responsiblity is shared by the school, instructors, BUT we are personally responsible for our actions.
student, instructor, college, hospital, shares liablility BUT we are ...
responsible for our own actions SO follow chain of command!
call instructor when we have something to do and keep work within LPN area and nothing more. Don't do anything w/o calling for calling instructor.
Health Care. Right or Privledge?
patients have a right I think
Who decides? State to State.
There are finite funds for health care so who pays and who gets care? An 80 year old who needs tons of care? How about huge fat people? Different philosphopy in
America than other countries. Some countries don't give dialysis to people over 55 b/c its too expensive! who gets care and who doesn't!