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Being an effective team member

Positive Attitude
But .... is the whole idea of this lecture
teamwork ... learning the value of others
what is the definition of a team
a group of people who collaborate and interact to reach a common goal
team members are :
never rude
receptive to new ideas
assertive/not aggressive
treat everyone like...
they are the most important member of the team
there's a good way to tell people to clean up a mess.
use transactional analysis
the parent the child the adolescent. so ...
dont' be a bossy parent "go pick that up!"
don't be a child " I don't want to do that!"
so be the adult and say, "I'll go clean the next room which will give you time to clean up for suzzie."
Marsha says play Yabutt to handle someone who is negative.
"say I noticed you have a tendency to do blah blah blah but what about this or what about that?"
so try to be positive around negative people and you are not going to change them. show them your smile and at the end of the day ...
thank them for being helpful and give them a smile so being nice to mean people makes them miserable. they know they've been mean all day and then you are nice that really makes them either leave you alone or they know they were a shit. this is transactional analysis
we will be working together closely for the next couple of years so we need to work well together. so give the other student ...
dignity and civility. this empowers them to their best job. support
value their life experiences
value differences
look for internal languages
they are proactive and reactive
whats the difference?
reactive internal language is:
nothing i can do
thats the way i am
he makes me so mad
i can't
i must
if only
what are some examples of internal language that is proactive?
lets look at alternatives
can i choose a differnt approach
control my feelings
i am creative
i prefer
i will
Marsha's big thing is don't be rude , don't scream at anyone, be ...
professional at all times, even with people above you. go talk to your supervisor if a doctor screams at me
marsha will kick you out of class if you don't show civility to one another. so don't ...
scream at someone. she'll boot you out for good.