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aspiration is gastric contents into the ...
trach passage is aspiration
aspiration pneumonia is caused by ...
foriegn material into the respiration system
who's at risk at aspiring something into their trachs?
people w/ dysphagia or difficulty swallowing
who can help w/ dysphagia?
speech therapist can help
occupational therapist can help like w/ dietary equipment.*******occupational therapist help with swallow problems.
who does swallow equivelences?
speech therapist do swallow equivilences
whos at risk to swallow problems?
anyone w/ descreses cough reflex
decreased gag reflex
uses alchohol drugs, seditives
whats the most common cause of death for the elderly?
pneumonia is the most common cause of death in elderly
why do they seperate people at diner time in a old folk place?
so people who have trouble swallowing can concentrate (work) at swallowing. its work
what are some ideas to help facilitate people with swallowing issues?
have suction around just in case
provide rest b/t meals b/c its work to eat
no distractions while eating
use gravity so fowlers position, etc.
small bits, tip of spoon
try to use their strong side to put food in (stroke victims)
food at room temp
don't hurry these people
don't talk to other workers while feeding these people, its rude
keep these people upright 30-60 minutes after eating
they may need thick liquids
food s/b correct consistency
make sure dentures fit correctly
look for pocketing in mouths
look for dry mouth
don't wash food down w/ liquids
ck their voice by asking questions wet voice/gurgly?
don't use term feeders, it derogitory.
have eye contact with client.
what are the 3 liquid consistencies?


pudding consistencies
thickeners are available but don't taste good! like "Thicket"
what do stroke people lose in regards to eating?
stoke people can't cough or gag so they gurgle b/c they can't cough or choke! they will develop fever & infection 2 days after aspiring stuff
what 2 things are biggies with infection and old people?
aspiration pneumonia
whats the deal with cultural differences. why are we having cultural day?
different cultures will expect or respond differently so we need a head's up so we don't offend