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High culture
elite patterns (opera)
Popular Culture
culture patterns of the rest of society
Mainstream culture
culture patterns of dominant segments of society, not necessarily majority
smaller segments develop culture patterns all on their own (ex: greeks, skateboarders, etc)
What makes a Counterculture different from a subculture?
form of subculture, opposition to dominant cultural patterns (ex: amish, hippie movement)
How does mainstream culture tame the opposition?
meaning has been drawn out (sense of opposition) (commercializaiton of hiphop)
Values that Multiculturalism is attempting to promote?
value of cultural diversity, what our generation is taught, now mainstream
judging other cultures by the standards/values of your own
cultural relativism
judging cultures by their own standards
Where does the debate over universal human rights fit in?
norms that would apply to all regardless of cultures? but who's culture should be the guideline
Cultural Values
abstract principles, standards society find to be valuable and good
Cultural norms
take values and turn into rules, prescribing how we proscribe
How are Norms a form of Social Control?
encourage conformity and punish non-conformity through norms society reproduces themselves
how people think they should behave
How they DO behave (1950s home)
socially constructed institution
legal status, formalizes relationships rights and obligations, not just between 2 individuals but also the state, families, etc.
co-habitatin group. usually parents and kids
everyone who is considered related
marry within your social group
marry outside your social group
between 2 partners
Serial monogamy
allows for divorce and remarriage
gerontologists study...
disengagement theory
comes from structural functionalism, citizens need to be disengaged from social roles so young people can come in
Activity Theory
comes from symbolic interactionists
relationships give meaning to elderly?
category of people whose perceived physical markers are seen to be socially significant
perceived cultural marker are seen to be socially significant
symbolic ethnicity
a nostalgic allegiance to the culture of the immigrant generation, or that of the old country, that is not usually incorporated into everyday behavior.
ethnic enclave
spatial concentration of ethnic group members who establish buisnesses that serve and employ mainly memberes of the ethnic group and reinvest profits in community businesses and orgs.
ethnic group (don't need to know?)
composed of people whose perceived cultural markers are deemed socially significant. ethnic groups differ from one another in terms of language, religion, customs, values, ancestors, and the like.
transnational community
communities whose boundaries extend between countries
five stages in the ecological theory of ethnic succession
1. invasion
2. resistance
3. competition
4. accomodation/cooperation
5. assimilation
internal colonialism
assim. does not happen to all groups.
1 gropu forcing another to be subordinate
easier for groups of same skin color to melt.
Social Construction
Thomas Theorem
we made up race. it does not exist in nature, born out of prejudice, flawed science
Who invented Eugenics? and what was its goal?
Francis Galdin invented it.
to perfect the human species, extended racial categories to racial social policies
Why don't sociologists throw out the category
thomas theorem. what you personally think doesn't matter
-traits that make you a member, current racial configuration is arbitruary, it changes.
racism is a particular type of prejudice?
if you believe something. narrower form of prejudice. feeling?
minority group
socially disadvantaged but may be nummerical majority
act of treating people unfairly
institutional discrimination
no man in the south was accused or raping a black woman, people turned their eyes away.
Why is institutional racism more difficult to perceive?
happens automatically, does not cause anyone to be prejudice themselves
ex: getting apt cause it was turned down to gay couple
What is the explanation for the origins or prejudice in Authoritarian Personality Theory
prejudice people share the same personalities
cold, demanding parents.
very individualistic
What is the exp for Scapegoat theory
prejudice arises from frustration, balem someone less powerful than yourself. cannot account for elite people
split labor markets reinforce racist attitudes? how?
good jobs and bad jobs increaingly in america causes people of same race to compete. causes resentment. (nuances scapegoat theory)
origins of prejudice in culture theory
if you live in a culture of prejudice you will grow up to be prejudice
does not explain why
Conflict Theory
prejudice is a tool of the powerful. S.C.T