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What region of Greece is Athens in?
What region in Greece is Sparta in?
Name the four property classes that Solon created in the 5th Century?
First class: Pentacosiomedimnoi, for those who produced 500+ bushels,
Second Class: Hippeis, for those who produced 300+ bushels,
Third Class: Zeugitai, for those who produced 200+ bushels, and the Thebes, 'below military status'.
State what each of the names of the four classes mean.
Pentacosiomedimnoi - 'The 500 Bushellers'
Hippeis - 'Mounted Warriors'
Zeugitai - 'Hoplites'
Thebes - 'Below Military Status'
Apparently people of which classes were able to become an Archon?
The pentacosiomedimnoi and the hippeis
Among which classes were the offices of state divided among?
The top three classes
Name the titles of the members of the Nine Archons?
The 'Eponymous Archon' - the top public official and gave his name to the year; the 'Polemarch Archon' - warleader, who commanded the army; the 'Basileus' (king archon) - was responsible for the conduct of the state religion; the six 'Thesmothetai' - who had judicial responsibilities
How were Tyrants viewed during the First, Second and Third Century?
First - as a good thing
Second - people became doubtful of this method of rule
Third - the tyrants were expelled
Before Solon's reforms, what could a man do to negate debt?
Sell himself and/or his family into slavery.
What does 'hippeis' mean?
Hippeis = Horse.
Remember Hippopotomus = Water Horse