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Agents of Socialization
Where does your primary Socialization take place?
through family
other agents: school, peer groups, media
choosing socialization influences from the wide variety of mass media offerings
Anticipatory Socialization
before it even happens, you take on the characteristics
ex: frat or sorority interviews
Initiation Rite
formal ritual that signifies a transition in someone's social status
ex: hazing
Goffman's concept of Stigma
powerfully negative label.
Total Institutions
mental institution
Purpose of the resocialization process: "mortification of the self?"
turning someone into something else "death of self"
Garfinkel's Concept of Degradation Ceremony.
public initiation rite when we declare people publically of changed status
ex: marriage
basic pleasure drives (ex: infants)
reasoning self. negotiates between ID and superego
internalized voice of our culture (society conscience)
Jean Piaget
aspect of human development studied
cognition - how children learn to think
stages of moral reasoning
criticism of developmental theories like Piaget's and Kohlberg's
leaves out cultural variation
not all people go through all stages
George Herbert Mead's tehory of self
everything is social
four stages in Mead's theory of the self?
1.imitate significant others
2. Playing - take on roles of others
3. play games - must understand multiple role of others
4. general notions of others - internalized (what to wear to certain places
when all power is concetrated in a certain status
Thomas Theorem
situations defined as real are real in their consequences
no objective truths, only what society takes to be so?
who we are in society, any social position occupied
Status Set
list of who you are
Status Cue
visual indicator of our statuses
Ascribed Status
born with or against your will
Achieved Status
traits that you acquire? depends on capabilities and efforts of the individual
Master Statuses
important for personality identity, what others deem you
ex: we view pintar as the self
behavior of someone who holds a status, culturally specific
Role Set
all roles associated with single status
Role Strain
trying to balance different roles you have to do
ex: study for chem or go to fundraiser
Role Conflict
conflict between statuses
ex: friend is christian. go to bar or church?
Role Exit
ex of a status
ex: ex-girlfriend
high school dropout
Mead's theory of the self?
1. imitate significant others
2. playing - take on roles of others
3. play games - must understand multiple roles of others (ex: baseball)
4. general notions of others - internalized (ex: what to wear to certain place)