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biological distinction between male and females
refers to social status and roles that society defines
Gender Ideology
set of ideas about what constitutes as appropriate male and female roles? set by school, friends, church, etc.
essentialist view of gender
gender differences are reflections of biological differences
critiques of essentialism
1. ignores historical and cultural variability
2. generalizes from average and ignore variations within each average
3. scientific evidence is pretty weak.
4. explanations ignore power differences
do they discount biology altogether?
no. most agree sex differences have some bio differences but gender meaning and behavioral norms are socially constructed.
are we passive recipients of gender socialization?
no, people still have a role. Gender is an achieved status.
why does society want us to feel bad if we don't conform to norms of masc and fem
to stigmatize non-conformists is functional in order for society to reproduce itself
sexual orientation is a result of biology or culture?
product of biology and culture
3 aspects of sexual orientation that researchers increasingly take into account when operationalizing it as a variable
intersexed individual
people born with ambiguous sex
born with no ambiguity but gender does not match sex
What characterizes the body of social theory known as Queer Theory?
heterosexual bias
we think we have no sexual preference
What is the relationship that feminist theorists see between anti-gay and anti-feminine feeing and behavior?
gender inequalities underly gender patterns rejection of gay men is rejecting the feminine.