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trigeminal nerve (cranial nerve V)
-anterior portion of tongue
glossopharyngeal nerve (cranial nerve IX)
-mucosa of nasopharynx
-mucosa of oropharynx,
-posterior 1/3 of tongue
vagus nerve (cranial nerve X)
-mucosa of laryngopharynx
trigeminal nerve divisions:
opthalmic nerve serves:
-scalp up to vertex
-anterior portion of nasal cavity
-skin of nose
maxillary nerve serves:
-nasal cavity
-mucosa of soft/hard palates
mandibular nerve serves:
-mandibular and temporal areas
-mucosa of anterior 2/3 of tongue
vallecula: location?
-posterior to tongue
-anterior to epiglottis
palantine tonsils: location?
-between palatoglossal(a) and palatopharyngeal (p) arches
nasopharynx: divisons?
-begins at choana
-ends at inferior tip of uvula/soft palate
oropharynx: division?
-begins at soft palate
-ends at tip of epiglotis
laryngopharynx: divisions?
-begins at epiglottis
-ends at cricoid cartilage
-does not inclue larynx
-passageway btwn nasal cavity and nasopharynx
palatoglossal and palatopharyngeal folds mark junction between?
-oral cavity (ant)
-oropharynx (post)
muscles of pharynx
-superior phar. constrictor
-middle phar. constrictor
-inferior phar. constrictor
carotid sheath: contents?
-internal jugular vein
-common carotid artery
-vagus nerve
zenker diverticulum: cause? location?
-localized weakness
-post. wall of hypopharynx
Killian's triangle (dehiscence): where? What?
-triangular area in wall of pharynx
-btwn inferior phary. constrictor muscle and cricopharyngeus muscle
-weak spot
-can cause zenker diverticulum
esophagus: division?
-begins at inferior border of laryngopharynx
nociception: definition?
-perception of traumatic damage
pain: definition?
-localized sensation of discomfort
-nociceptive stimulus
parts of neuron
-dendrites (recieve impulses)
-cell body (contain DNA)
-axon (makes synaptic contact)
Schwann cells
-surround axons of motor neurons
-form myelin (insulates axon)
spinal cord
brainstem: parts?
CNS: contains
-spinal cord
cerebrum: areas?
-frontal lobe
-parietal lobe
-occipital lobe
-temporal lobe
frontal lobe: functions?
-planning, executing mvmts
-anticipating consequences
parietal lobe: functions?
occipital lobe: functions?
temporal lobe: functions?
pelvis: bones?
peripheral nervous system: contains?
-peripheral nerves
gray matter
-cell bodies of neurons in spinal cord
primary pain pathway?
-assoc w/ lateral spinothalamic tract
pain and temp for body localized where?
-lateral spinothalamic tract
pain and temp for face localized where?
-trigeminothalamic tract
syringomyelia: what? symptoms?
-central cavitation of cervical spinal cord
-cape distribution of pain/temp sensation loss
hypoalgesia: what? s/s?
-decreased pain due to neuropathy (destruction of nerve)
-burning pain, due to nerve damage
trigeminal nerve: ganglia location?
-semilunar ganglion
glossopharyngeal nerve: ganglia location?
-petrosal ganglion
vagus nerve: ganglia location?
inferior vagal (nodose) ganglion