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you have time
mmerε wɔ mu
I'm hungry
a kɔm de me
Why are you yawning?
Adεn nti na woreheram?
Are you hungry?
εkom de wo anaa?
Your eyes are killing you? (idomatic... you are tired?)
W'ani kum anaa?
I'm yawning because I'm tired.
Mereharem εfiri m'abrε
Have you recovered?
Wo ho atɔ wo anaa?
It's not gone.
I'm not recovered.
Me ho ntɔɔ me.
I am recovered.
Me ho atɔ me.
I don't feel good.
Mente apɔɔ.
My arm hurts.
Me nsa yε me ya.
It will heal
εbεtɔ wo wae.
It was good, yes?
Na εyε dε anaa?
You are satisfied?
woamee anaa?
This afternoon you won't eat?
εnnε sε awia wonnidi?
Kofi is older than Amma.
Kofi yε panyin kyεn Amma.

Kofi yε panyin sεn Amma.
I (and only I) am the youngest.
Me ne akumaa.
Go rest!
ka gye ahome!
Is this your first child?
Wo piesie nie anaa?

Wo ba panyin ni(e) anaa?
Where did you go to school before here?
εhefa na na wokɔ sukuu ansa wobaa ha?
Why do you go to school here?
Adεn ti na wokɔ sukuu wɔ ha?
Because it's close to my hometown.
Efiri sε εbεn me kuro mu.
I haven't been here long. I came here in 2006 so I've spent 3 months here.
Mebaa ha nkyεe. Mebaa ha 2006 mu enti madi abosome mmeεnsa.