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What were some of the actions the FDR took in response to th great depression of 1929?
Created the New Deal
a-the new deal caught the flavor of FDR's entire administration
b-the ned deal was about putting people back to work on building projects in order to build human happiness
c-it was an era of big gov't.
In addition to the financial crisis, what other catastrophy did the nation face?
The dust bowl
a-mostly affected the midwest, but some of the dust blew to the atlantic.
b-it was result of overfarming the land and not realizing its liitations.
What were the three programs created to solve the envirnmental problems:how did they work?
1-Taylor grazing act
2-Pull land out of agricultural use(11 mill. acres)
3-Prarie states forestry project
1-Taylor grazing act
a-this prohibited homesteading(inhabiting land and keeping it)
b-it dedicated all remaining public land to controlled grazing.
3-Prarie states forestry project
a-the soil was especially over farmed so they designed a chelterbelt-120 ft wide of tress planted from texas to northern north dakota
b-this stopped the wind, and it stopped the soil from being overused.
what was the before and after situation for landscape architects?
1-eclecticism was still prevalent and charles pratt was reaching into the italian renaissance past
2-they gave a critical role to designing projects
3-no longer were the people working for just the elite. The little guy also played a role. This is what the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) was about. The CCC put millions of men back to work.
Recreation Demonstration Area Program (RDA):list it's goals?
a-to identify the overused land and pull it out of active farm use.
b-to take the people off the land(give them no choice)
c-to massively replant new species on the land-to rehabilitate the land with massive plantings
d-to set aside places destined to be recreational camps to provide recreation to kids stuck in poverty in the cities
e-to demonstrate to the world what good could be done with his controlled planning
How did RDA's compare to state parks?
a-they located RDA's in the worst landscapes(unlike state parks)
b-Location:many of the state parks were in remote lacations. The parks with soul had to access the immediate public
c-there were special camps on the parks with soul for socializing.
In waht way was the term "dice-throw planning" an inaccurate statement?
the NPS had criticism for the RDA's, and they wanted scattered out campes. No way was this the answer b/c the RDA's were place specific and the designs for the cabins had a minimum impact on the landscapes.
RDA organizational camps-characteristics?
1-the placement of the cabins were really well thought out.
2-the diea was to provide kids with an immersion into nature
3-the cabins were placed so that nature was the first thing the kids saw when they came out of the cabins in the morning
4-It was all about strategic placements