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What was the inspiration for the modern movement in landscape architecture?
Inspired by the functionalists arhcitect and modernist art
What is asymmetrical geometry and what did it offer the profession?
a-it was an incredible oppurtunity to do whatever the designers wanted
b-there was no one solution-they could create smaller spaces within larger spaces
c-the designers hands were suddenly free
d-there did not have to be an axis, but instead, there were diagonal and curvy lines to created a space that me the needs of people everywhere.
The Harvard Three
1-Garret Eckbo-he was a major player along with church who designed mirgrant worker camps.
2-together with James Rose and Dan Kiley, he started to look at European design and modernist art/architecture
3-thus began the grand exploration of residential design.
Describe the three other new ideas that resulted from the modern movement in ladnscape design?
1-landscape in America is respnding to functionalist architecture and modernist art. This was a new way of thinking.
2-The designer were revolutionary, problem solving was creative, and social art played a role
3-the whole idea was in step with the popular american attitude
Thomas Church Attitude?
1he understood the needs of individual families
2-he was about functionalism and was very influential
3-he wrote for ladies magazines and brought maderism to the average american citizen
4-he was the ultimate functionalist/modernist landscape architect. Ex-he knew how to create a modernist background.