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What "ills" were associated with city life in the late 1800's?
1-The city was no place for families and it was a place of work and bad conditions
2-NY was very crowded and alcoholism was prevalent
3-1 in 5 children were expected to live beyond 1 year old
4-There were poor conditions and it was an unhealthy environment.
How were these "ills" addressed in the character of the suburb?
a-Anyone who could, did leave the city
b-The suburbs were tucked out in the country
c-Very wealthy people had homes in the suburbs
d-There was plenty of space, vegetation, and trees which allowed climate control
e-The suburbs were very naturalistic and as anti-urban as possible
What was the design goal at Riverside? How much is this reflected in the design?Who designed it?
Designed by Olmsted and Vaux.
a-softened grid with few straight lines and right angles
b-there were architectural controls on the designs.
c-they sunk hard surfaces into low elevations
Wh ywas the concept of a suburb considered to be patriotic?
It was an improvement of the social conditions and living conditions in America
What was the intent behind the creation of Forest Hills Gardens?
1-this place proved that you could create a top quality suburb
2-it was to aim for Americans with mixed incomes
3-the developers could still maintain a profit
4-it was a demonstration to the rest of America
5-It had a single family detatched dwellings and town homes
6-A pedestrian orientation was very common
What were the design goals at Radburn?
a-it was the ideal form of a garden city
b-it was a garden city turned suburb-or atleast, that was the original intent
c-deal wth the automobile since they were causing many deaths
d-make this a place of green
e-instill a sense of community
Describe the Superblock, what did it allow for Radburn residents?
a-this was the radburn prototype which was a collection of special cauldesacs
b-It allowed for a continueing encircled park at a neighborhood.
What common idea connects the places in this lecture?
It was based on shared concerns for social welfare.