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Four types of internet applications
- Web applications
- Web service
- Internet-enabled applications
- Peer to Peer applications
Three parts of a web application
- Content
- Program logic
- Configuration
Components on a web form
- server controls
- html controls
- data controls
- system comonents
What's special about static members
Can be used directly without first creating an object from the class
Three examples of how an ASP.NET web app is different from a Win app.
- client/server architecture
- runs under CLR
- UI is browser
What are two main parts of .Net FW
- the CLR
- the .Net FW class library
How do you restore VS default window settings
Tools -> Options -> Reset Window Layout
Where does VS.Net store web app projects
In IIS virtual directory
Four differences between Web and Windows apps
- web form controls
- UI in browser
- web forms instantiated on server, sent to browser, destroyed immediately
- web apps run on server and displayed remotely on clients
How do you preserve persistent data
- Application state
- Session state
- View state
What determines the boundaries of a Web app
Structure of virtual folders