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established by ARPA, had the goal of creating a network that could withstand a disaster the magnitude of a nuclear war
Internet Activities Board/ Internet Architecture Board; a group of advisors that oversaw the Internet Engineering Task Force, oversaw the Internet standards process, and published and maintained Request for Comments
Created by NSF to provide services including:
1. Directory and database services to provide a directory of online pages and publicly avaliable databases
2. Registration services for domain name and IP address assignment
3. Support services such as outreach, education, and information services for the Internet community
An international organization for global cooperation and coordination for the Internet and its networking technologies and applications
Provided a network for research and academic communications, was made only avaliable to U.S. research and educational institutions, sparked the creation of regional networks to connect to the NSFNET backbone
World Wide Web Consortium, designed to help bring the WWW to its full potential by developing common protocols that promote its evolution and ensure its interiperability, creates standards that web developers should try to conform to, in order to maximize the ability of others to access their websites
Domain Name
Translated into IP addresses, broken down into 3 levels:
top level = .com, .gov, .net, .edu, .org
second level = includes unique names
third level = www
Dynamic IP Address
adresses are assigned from a pool of IP addresses and may change each time the computer is logged onto the Internet
File Transfer Protcol - an application protocol that allows for the transfer of files from one computer to another
Hypertext Transfer Protocol - an application protocol used for exchanging files (text, graphics, sound video and other multimedia files) over the WWW
IP Address
An address where a website is located on the Internet (numerical)
Network News Transfer Protocol - a protocol used to manage posts to Usenet newsgroups
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - a TCP/IP protocol used to send and receive email
Static IP Address
are assigned to remain the same each time the computer is logged onto the Internet
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol - the basis for many other standard Internet protocols
a way to access and control a remote control
Helper Applications
programs that can understand and interpret files which the browser cannot handle (ex. MPEG)
Add-ons that extend the capabilities of the browser and operate within a browser window (ex. Quick Time)
Web Browser
software program used to view web pages
Business-to-Business - involve businesses buying from selling to other businesses via the Internet
Business-to-Consumer - involve businesses selling products to consumers over the internet
used to describe business or commercial transactions electronically
Email Address
has a username (before @) and domain name (after @)
Email Virus
almost always spread through email attachments and can mail themselves to everyone on your address book
Internet Worm
a program that looks for security holes in computer networks
Macro Virus
computer virus that "infects" a Microsoft Word or similar application and causes a sequence of actions to be performed automatically when the application is started or something else triggers it
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension - standard protocol that allows files such as graphics, sound files, video files, photos and formatted documents to be sent as attachments via email
based around one topic, posted for large groups of people to read, don't usually know each other before, and communicate with peoplee with similar interests
Program Virus
hide inside computer files and software applications
Trojan Horse
a destructive piece of software disguised as something good
self-replicating computer program written to alter the way a computer operates, without the permission or knowledge of the user
making web pages easier to use, especially for people with disabilities:
1. blind - provide alternate text desriptions of images
2. deaf - provide transcripts for clips and speeches
3. motor - allow people to access buttons w/o using a mouse
4. cognitive - avoid flashing graphics and keep text simple and contain remainders of overall site content
dynamic website
mostly visual w/ high level of interactive content (ex. Flash)
static website
commonly programmed in HTML and can include interactivity using the JavaScript language for special effects
target audience
information, e-commerce, nonprofit, entertainment, personal interest
compromises all of a company's value - proposition: products, services, people, advertising, positioning and culture
Uniform Resource Locator - address location of a resource on the Internet; has a protocol, domain name and file path
Identify a significant event which contributed to the development of the internet (other than those discussed in class such as ARPANET, NSFNET, etc.). Explain how this event contributed to the development of the internet. The event you use must have occurred between 1960 and 1995.
In 1973, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol was designed and later became the standard for communicating between computers over the Internet. This event is very important because it is what basically connected two different computers. It enabled the computers to talk back and forth and send messages, images, etc.
Explain what an IP address is and how it relates to the inner workings of the internet. Be sure to describe the format of an IP address in your answer.
The IP address provides the information necessary to correctly route packets. IP addresses consist of four sets of numbers (0-255), each separated by a dot. Unique - used with a domain name
Describe the role that packets play in Internet communication. Be sure to include their relationship to TCP/IP in your answer.
Information transferred via the Internet is broken down by TCP into packets. The IP uniquely addresses each packet. The packets are distributed independently and can be rerouted if necessary. Once all packets reach their destination, the packets are reassembled by TCP and are ready to be used.
Describe three symptoms of a computer virus. What can be done to help prevent viruses from attacking a computer?
File names randomly changed, unusual sounds played at random times, less than expected memory space
Run anti-virus software, update anti-virus software, back up work
Describe five mistakes in web design. What can be done to avoid these mistakes?
Bleeding edge technology, scrolling text, lack of navigation support, outdated information, and long download times