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what is deposition
this is the process of dropping or DEPOSITING sediment in a new location
what is an earthquake
this a shaking of the ground caused by a sudden release of energy in the earth's crust
what is continental drift
this is the theory of how the earth's continents move over its surface
what is magma
this is hot, soft rock from earth's lower mantle
what is the mantle
this is the layer of rock beneath the earth's surface
what is mass movement
this is the downhill movement of rock and soil because of gravity
what is a fault
this is a crack in the earth's crust
what is a volcano
this is a mountain through which lava flows
what is weathering
this is the process of breaking rock down into soil, sand, or other tiny pieces
what is the crust
this is the outer layer of the earth
what is a landform
this is a physical feature of the earth's surface
what is the mantle
this is the middle section of the earth's crust
what are fossils
this is the remains or traces of past life found in the earth's crust
what is metamorphic rock
this is rock made from other rocks that were changed by extreme heat and pressure
what is a mineral
this is a solid, nonliving substance found in the earth
what is a tectonic plate
this is a rigid block of crust and upper mantle
what are sediments
these are tiny pieces of rock, shells, and other minerals
what is pangea
this is the theory that there was one big supercontinent before it broke up into the continents we have today
what is erosion
this is the process of moving sediment from one place to another
what is sedimentary rock
this is a rock that is made from sediments that were pressed together and hardened
what is a plateau
these high, flat lands
what is a delta
this is new land made by sediments
what is a dune
this is a pile of sand
what is a mountain
this is land that rises at least 600 meters above the land around it
what is a glacier
this is a mountain of ice
what is igneous rock
this is a rock formed when magma or lava hardens
what is the core
this is the center of the earth
how do scientists measure movement in the earth's crust
they use a seismograph machine
what kind of rock weathers faster--soft or hard
soft rock weathers faster