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Which bulletin produced by AFWA Space Weather Operations Center Provides notice that a geomagnetic storm has already started?
Which bulletin, produced by AFWA Space WEather Operation Center, notifies SATCOM ground operators and space-tracking operators of potential interference from a burst of radio-wave radiation?
Which bulletin, produced by AFWA Space Weather Operation Center, provides notice that certain HF communications frequencies may become unusable during daylight conditions due to a sudden burst in the sun's X-ray radiation.
When choosing an operating wavelength for a radar, it is dependent upon the...
Intended use
Processing of ground clutter and range unfolding are functions of the
RDA (Radar Data Aquisition)
Which product is best used to determine the accuracy of WSR-88D precipitation products?
Hybrid Scan Reflectivity
Subrefraction effects the radar's displayed height values by making display height values...
The velocity azimuth display (VAD) winds profile (VWP) provides...
A time-height profile of the wind velocity at predetermined range.
Which archive level can only record those products being received at the principal user processor?
Archive Level IV
Two distinct properties common to most ground clutter are...
Small spectrum width and near zero Doppler velocity.
The total number of vertical wind profiles that can be displayed on asingle velocity azimuth display winds profile (VWP) is...
Although severe weather probability (SWP) is calculated using vertically integrated liquid (VIL), occasionally VIL values will drop dramatically while SWP value changes little or not at all. This is caused by...
Storm Tilt
A principal user with dedicated communications to a WSR-88D unit is called...
An Associated User
Who determines the various alert thresholds for meteorological phenomena?
Local Unit Radar Committe
A velocity cross section is limited to...
In comparison to the vertically integrated liquid (VIL) grid boxes, severe weather probability (SWP) grid boxes are...
A SCIT algorithm can track how many individual storm cells?
Control of the radar product generator is accomplished from a computer terminal known as what?
RDA/RPG remote access terminal.
The spectrum width product is useful for the early detection of the thunderstorm development because..
The detection of high spectrum widths may be indicative of currents present in a convective atmosphere.
A limitation of the STP product is that it...
Has trouble with small-scale features.
Which procedure is aprimary use for the layered composite reflectivity maximum product?
Quickly identifying stronger storms and areas with a greater potential for convection.
The graphic symbol for an elecated tornadic vortex signature (ETVS) is...
Red, open, inverted, isosceles triangle.
What limits velocity detection in a Doppler rader?
Which archive level is the most important and useful because it allows the total recreation of a weather scenario?
Archive Level II
The beam width of the WSR-88D is approximately...
1.0 Degrees
The graphic symbol for a tornadic vortex signature (TVS) is a...
Red-filled, inverted, isosceles triangle.
Which action is an effective means of decreasing velocity aliasing?
Increase the pulse repetition frequency.
Whenever the velocity azimuth display (CAD) algorithm determines that velocity data for a particular altitude does not meet reliability thresholds, the product displays which symbol for that altitude?
Which wavelength is best for the detection of small water droplets?
The two ways to select products from the principal user processor database are by using the...
Graphics tablet and puck and through the applications terminal.