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How are hurricanes and tornadoes alike?
They have:
1. strong winds
2. dangerous
3. causes property damage
How are hurricanes and tornadoes different?
Hurricanes-forms over water, shaped like a donut,
a warning is given a long time before it hits
Tornadoes-form over land (except for a water spout)
shaped like a funnel
we don't always have much warning
What does a CUMULUS cloud look like?
looks like cotton balls
low in the sky
called a fair weather cloud
What is evaporation?
when water changes to water vapor.
What is condensation?
when water vapor changes to water droplets.
What does a CIRRUS cloud looked like?
very high in the sky
thin and look like feathers
made of ice crystals
What is snow?
ice crystals that fall to the ground.
What does a STRATUS cloud look like?
low in the sky
cover the sky
rain clouds
What is precipitation?
wen water fals to the earth as rain, hail, sleet, or snow.
What is a CUMULONIMBUS cloud?
produces thunderstoms
What is a anemometer?
an instrument that measures wind speed.
What is fog?
A cloud that is close to the ground.
What is hail?
balls of ice that falls from the sky.
What are the four forms of precipitation?
1. snow
2. hail
3. sleet
4. rain
What is a wind vane?
an instrument that measures wind direction.
What is sleet?
a mixture of rain and ice.
What is rain?
water that falls from the sky.
What is a thermometer?
an instrument that measures temperature.
What is dew?
water that forms on cool surfaces at night.
What is frost?
ice crystals that form on very cold surfaces at night.