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What is meant by "Cook Off?"
If the weapon is used over a long period of time the cartridge chamber becomes very hot and could cause the cartridge to fire without the trigger being pulled.
What is meant by maximum rate of fire?
The maximum number of rounds the average soldier can fire inn one minute. disregarding hits on the target.
What does the term Cyclic rate of fire mean?
A rate at which the weapon fires on automatic.
Name two things that could cause a malfunction in the M16 rifle.
A mechanical failure of the weapon, or a mechanical failure of the magizine or faulty ammunition.
What is meant by the term "zero" of you weapon?
The zero of your weapon is the number of clicks of elevation and windage you put on your rifle to hit the center of a target at a known range.
What is the purpose of zeroing your weapon?
Zeroing the weapon serves as a starting point for adjusting to battle sight zero.
What is the maximum and maximum effective range of the .45 caliber pistol?
1500 meters maximum and 50 meters maximum effective range.
What are the safties on the .45 caliber pistol?
Safety lock, Grip sagety and Half-cocked.
What is the basic load of ammunition for the .45 caliber pistol?
Three magizines (21 rounds).
When standing inspection with the .45 caliber pistol, where is the pistol located?
Raised pistol with magizine placed between the belt and clothing.Recoil operated.
How is the .45 caliber pistol operated?
Recoil operated.
What is the number of rounds in a .45 cal magazine?
What is the weight of the M9 pistol with a 15 round magazine?
1145 gr (40.89 oz)
What is the weight of the M9 pistol with a empty magizine?
960 gr (40.89 oz.
Describe the M9 magazine and capacity.
Staggered, 15 round capacity.
What are the three safties on the M9 pistol?
Manual safety, Firing pin block and half cock.
What is the maximum range of the M203 Grenade Launcher?
400 meters.
On the M203, how long should you wait before opening the breech after a mistire?
30 seconds.
At what renge do you zero the M203 grenade launcher ?
200 meters.
What type of rounds does the M203 grenade launcher fire?
40mm (HE,Smoke,Riot agent, Shot, and Flare.
What are the two types of sights on the M203?
Leaf sight and quadrant sight.
What is the maximun effective range of the M203 at point targets and area targets?
Point Targets--150 meters.

Area targets--350 meters.
Turning the M203 windage screw on increment moves the strike of te round how far at 200 meters?
1 1/2 meters.
What is the casualty radius of the M203 40mm round?
Five meters.
What is the muzzle velocity of the M24 Sniper rifle?
Approsimately 2,600 feet per second.
What is the maximum effective range of the M24 Sniper rifle?
800 meters.
What is the overal length (butt to muzzle) of the M24?
43 inches.
What is the magazine capacity of the M24 Sniper rifle?
5 rounds in 7.62mm (M118 Special Ball).
What is the weight of the M24 rifle with sling?
12.1 lbs nominal.
What is the combat weight (rifle with sling, day optic sight, and full magazine) of the M24 Sniper Weapon System?
14.25 lbs
Describe the M16A1 rifle?
It is a 5.56, magazine fed, gas operated, air-cooled, shoulder fired weapon, that can be fired semi-automatically or fully automatically.
What is the muzzle velocity of the M16A1 rifle?
700-800 rounds per minute.
What is meant by cyclic rate of fire?
The rate at which a weapon fires automatically.
What is the weight of the M16A1 rifle with a 20 round magazine?
7.6 pounds.
On the rear sight, which aperture is unsed for ranges between 0-300 meters?
The unmarked (large) aperture.
What are the eight cycles of function of the M16A1 rifle?
Feeding, Chambering, Locking, Firing, Unlocking, Extracting, Ejecting and Cocking.
What is the weight of the M16A1 rifle without a magazine and sling?
6.5 pounds.
What is the caliber of the M16A1?
What is the maximum range of the M16A1 rifle?
2653 meters.
What are the types of rounds for the M16A1 rifle?
Ball, tracer, blan and dummy.
What is the first thing done prior to disassembly of the M16A1?
Clear the weapon.
What is the overall length of an M16A1?
39 inches.
How much does the M16A2 weigh without a magazine or sling?
7 1/2 pounds
How much does the M16A2 weigh with sling and a loaded magazine?
8.48 pounds
What is the muzzle velocity of the M16A2?
3,100 fps
What is the maximum range of the M16A2?
3,534 meters.
What is the maximum effective range of the M16A2 rifle?
Individual/point targets: 550 m, Area targets: 800 m
Describe the rifling of the M16A2 barrel?
Right-hand twist, 6 grooves, 1 turn in 7 inches.
What is the projectile weight of the 5.56mm, M855 cartridge?
62 grains.
Can the AN/PVS-4 be zeroed to the M16A1 in daylight?
Yes, using the daylight cover.
Give the general description of the M60 machine gun?
It is an air cooled, belt fed, gas operated, automatic weapon.
What is the major field manual for the use of the M60 MG?
FM 23-67, the m60 machine gun
What is the maximum range for the M60?
3725 meters.
What are the rates of fire for the M60?
Sustanined-100 RPM, Rapid-200 PRM, Cyclic- 550 RPM
How often should the barrel be changed on the M60?
Sustained-every 10 minutes
Rapid-Every 2 minutes
Cyclic every minute.
What is the maximum range of grazing fire?
600 meters.
What is grazing fire?
Fire where the center of fire does not rise above one meter.
What are the classes of fire for the M60?
Grond, Target, and Gun
What are the two missions a cachine gun can be give in he defensive ostition?
Final protective line (FPL) or Principal direction of fire (PDF).
What is the muzzle velocity of the M60 MG?
2800 feet per second.
Using the standard zero target, at what range is the target placed to ge a battle field zero of 500 meters?
10 meters.
Name the types of fire in relation to the ground, target and gun?
Ground--Plunging and Grazing
Target--Frontal, Flanking, Enfilade and Oblique
Gun--Fixed, Traversing, Searching, Traversing and Searching, Swinging Traverse and Free Gun.
In what situation is the M60 placed on a tripod?
In the defensice role.
When a unit replaces another unit in the same defensive position, what must the machine gunner leave with the new unit?
Range Card, Tripod mount, T and E mechanism.
Why does the unit being replaced exchange tripod and T and E mechanism?
Data on new tripod ount and T and E mechanism may not be accurate with original range card.
On the M60 range card, what is always the number 1 target?
When is a principle direction of fire (pdf) used?
When grazing fire cannot be obtained.
What range setting of the rear sight is always used on the basic range?
500 meters.
What are the objectives of machine gun mardsmanship training?
Obtain accurate initial burst, observe and adjust fire, and operate with speed.
What is the most effective rate of fire of fire for the M60?
6-9 round bursts.
How many types of rounds are there for the M60?
What are the types of rounds the M60 uses?
Ball, Armor-piercing, Tracer, Blank and Dummy.
What is the tracer burn-out range of the M60?
900 meters.
What is the weight of the M60?
23 pounds.
What are the eight major part groups of the M60?
Barel, Trigger Mechanism, Stock, Forearm Assembly, Feed Tray, Buffer and Operating Rod, Bolt and Receiver.