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The MLA style uses in-text _____________ __________ instead of noting each sourse at the bottom of the page or at the end of the payper
parenthetical citations
Use superscripts(raisenumbers)for ___ _________ _____ which signals that an explanatory note exists and also sequence the note.
note refence mark
The MLA style uses the terms ____ _____ for the bibiographical references.
work cited
When you ____ ____ _____, Word displays text on the screen as large as possible without extending the right margin beyond on the right edge of the document window.
zoom page width
____ _______ is the amount of vertical space between lines of the text and automatically adjusts line of the document.
Line spacing
The MLA documentation style requires that you______-_____ the entire payper.
A ______ is text you want printed at the top of each pagein the document.
A footer text you want printed at the bottom of every page.
Your last name and the page number should print _____-_______.
You can ____ or, attach, a floating toolbar above or below the Standard and Formatting toolbar by dubble-clicking the floating toolbar's title bar
When you click the Header and Footer command on the View menu Word automatically switches to _____ ______ ____, which displayes the document exacty as it will print.
print layout view
When in print layout view, you can use _____ ___ ____ to format and enter text, graphics, and other items.
Click and Type