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What is found on an inflammatory leukogram?
Neutrophilia with a left shift, or neutrophilia >30,000 w/o a left shift (chronic)
What is found on an acute stress leukogram?
Epinephrine causes mature, mild leudocytosis (neutrophilia: K9, lymphocytosis: Fel, Eq) and increased PCV
What is found on a chronic stress leukogram (steroid response)?
Glucocorticoids cause mature neutrophilia, lymphopenia, monocytosis and eosinopenia.
What is found on a leukogram with a combo stress/inflammatory response?
Neutrophilia, left shift AND lymphopenia
What causes lymphopenia?
Stress (corticosteroid response), lymph loss, SCID
What causes lymphocytosis?
up to 12,000 K9; 20,000 Fel: Excitement or K9 ehrlichia
>12K K9, >20K Fel = lymphoma
What causes eosinophilia?
Tissue invading parasites (HTW, Hooks), Inflammn at epithelia sfcs rich in mast cells (skin, resp tract, GI, MCTs)