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differention betwn male and female during development
androgen drive
nerve cell that oversees spermatogenesis
sertoli cells
cells that secrete steroids
progesterone and glucocorticoids
weak bioactive form of testerone
delta 4
strong bioactive form
delta 5
Rate Limiting step for synthesis of DHT
SSC (side shain cleavage enzyme
Enzymes for the diff steps
pregnenolone to DHEA
3B-OH-steroid DH
DHEA to androstenediol
17B-OH-steroid DH
androstenediol to androsterone
5 alpha reductase
androstenediol to testosterone
3B-OH-steroid DH
testosterone to DHT
5 alpha reductase
testosterone to E2
CYP 19 aromotase
E1 to E2 also goes back to E1
at about what age is sperm prod at its highest
17- 62 Adult age
% of testosterone bound to sex hormone binding globulin
% of testosterone bound to albumin and corticosteroid- binding globulin
% free T- most imp biologically
Metabolism of T: in liver
1 spermatocyte to 2 spermatocyte takes 19 days
meiosis 1
2 spermatocyte to 4 spermatids takes 19 days
meiosis 2
4 spermatids to mature sperm takes 21 days
when does spermatogonia occur in males
after puberty
amt of testosterone in semen that is considered to be infertile
< 20 million
what determines the devp of genital organs and characteristics
final pH of semen
whose muscles are bigger desmonda or jimmy? What is weird about that
desmonda, because men should have more testosterone meaning they should have more muscles
functions of DHT
fetal devp of penis, penile urethra, scrotum, prostate, prostatic secretion and pubertal growth of scrotum, prostate, sexual hair and sebaceous glands
what causes testicular feminization
deficiency in androgen receptors
what is a func of testosterone which may lead to coronary heart disease
inc in LDL and decrease in HDL
which system controlls the male erection
procedure when a small segment of vas deferens is removed
does this procedure effect the sexual response
2 causes of premature ejaculation
anxiety and learned beh
indicator of carcinoma of the prostatrate (Gant)
PSA prostate spec antigen
what can cause a false pos on the PSA
infl of prostate
What diseases cause premature ejaculation
DM, hypotension, hypothyroidism/hyperprolactnnemia, red HDL
what stressors can cause prematue ejaculation
unemployment and performance anxiety
2 diseases caused dihydrotestosterone
male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hypertrophy
how would you tx these two disorders
finasteride- 5 alpha reductase inh
how would you tx cancer of the prostate flutamide- androgen rec antagonist
Contraindication to prescribing meds for ED
recent MI, stroke, retinal pigmentosa, patient taking alpha blockers
these enzymes are always found in cGMP which is also a target for the ED drugs
phosphodiesterase, PDE-5 inh
what age does testosterone start to decrease-andropause
had LH or FSH changed in aging men
LH no, FSH yes
should you give testosterone supplements: is it beneficial?
well in aging men you usually get hypertrophy
Klinefelter Syndrome
short, small penis lack of facial hair, 47XXY, sterile and gynecomastia