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What is required to renew a water certificate?
4 hours renewal hours, copy of renewal slip (yellow copy), and send $30 for each license.
Quick school hours, color of renewal slip, and cash.
What is the difference between AEROBIC & ANAEROBIC?
Aerobic bacteria uses free available oxygen; Anaerobic bacteria uses molecular oxygen.
The difference is in the way they use oxygen.
How often must the MOR be sent in, and to whom?
Once a month to the DEQ, and the DEQ County Representitive.
Sent to enviromental regulators and the area rep.
What are 3 of the water borne diseases?
Typhoid, polio, cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, and the most common is giardiasis.
There are normally 5.
What are 2 test methods for Coliform?
Most probable number, and membrane filter test.
Why is it important to test for Coliform?
They are indicator organisms and may indicate fecal contamination.
They help determine something very important.
How long must records be kept?
All daily logs, MOR's, and Lab records must be kept for at least 10 years.
No Hint Avail.
What are the penalties for falsification of records?
Federal penalties are $25,000 fine and 1 yr. in prison. State fines of $10,000 fine & 6 mo. in prison with revocation of license.
No Hint Avail.
An aquifier is defined as?
An unconfined natural layer of pourous water bearing material capable of yeilding large amounts of water.
No Hint Avail.
An artisian aquifier is defined as?
A confined layer of water under pressure that always rises past the point of encounter when tapped.
No Hint Avail.