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Fuctions:nerve memory integrity
Source: pork, whole grain, enriched grain
Def.:Beriberi-muscle weakness and wasting of lwer extremities heart failure and edema
Source:Milk/milk products, enriched grains, eggs
Def: cracks at corners of mouth, sensitivit to light, eye disorders
Source:protein foods, enriched grains, made from tryptophan
Def: Pellegra- diarrhea, dermatitis, death
Toxic: skin flushing, blurred vision, liver damage
Requires B12 to function
Source:enriched grains, green vegs,legumes, supplement
Def: impaired cell division, megaloblastic anemia, neural tube defects(infants), poor growth
Toxic: masks B12 def. symptoms
Vitamin B12
Maintains the sheath that surrouns and protects nerves, new cell sythesis.
Source: ony animal based foods, fortified b'fast cereals.
Def: if no IF then Pernicious anemia, if low B12 intake then mycrocytic anemia
Vitamin B6
Active in amino acid metabolism, Active in urea metabolism
Source: meat , fish, banannas
Def:rashes, scaly skin, anemia
Biotin(contains surfur)
Source:widespread in foods, whole grains, egg yolks
Def:depression, muscle pain
Pantothenic Acid
Involved in sythesis of many compounds
Source: widespread in foods, meats, whole grains
Def:intestinal problems, hypoglycemia, insomnia
Vitamin C
Antioxidant, collagen sythesis, helps in iron absorbtion, cancer prevention
Source: citrus fruits, cabbage type vegies, darkgreen veggies
Def: Scurvy-bleeding gums, impaired wound healing, loose/decaying teeth
Toxic:intestinal disorders, interfers with medications