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water vapor
the invisible gaseous, form of water
ground water
water that fills the cracks and pores in underground soil and rock layers
water cycle
the continuous process by which water moves from earths surface to the atmosphere and back, passing through the living and non living parts of the environment.
the process by which the molecules at the surface of a liquid, such as water, absorb through energy to change to a gaseous state, such as water vapor!
the process by which plants release water vapor through their leaves
forms of water such as snow, sleet, rain, or hail that fail from the clouds to reach the earths surface.
the process by which supplying water to land areas to make them suitable for crop growing.
the process by which plants use water, plus carbon dioxide and energy from the sun to produce food
the place where an organism lives and that provides the things that it needs to survive.
a stream that flows into another stream
the land area that supplies to river systems
a ridge of land that seperates one drainage basin or watershed from another
tiny openings in and between particles of rock and soil which may contain air or water.
charactaristic of materials such as sand or gravel which allow water to pass through easily
charactaristic of materials through which water cannot easily pass through, such as clay and granite
saturated zone
the layer of permeable rock or soil in which the cracks and pores are completely filled with water
water table
the top of the saturated, or depth to the groundwater in am aquifer.
unsaturated zone
a layer of rocks and soil above the water table in which the pores contain air as well as water.
an underground layer of rock or soil that holds water
a place where groundwater bubbles or flows out of the cracks in the rocks
new water that enters an aquifer from the surface
artesian well
a well in which water rises because of pressure within the aquifer
an area taht is covered witha thin layer of water during some or all of the year!