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What is the water cycle?
The constant movement of water from the ground, to the sky and back again.
What is precipitation?
Water falling from the sky as rain or sleet.
How would you describe a liquid?
It has no definite shape.
How would you describe a solid?
It has a definite shape.
How would you describe a gas?
It has no definite shape and does not take up a definite amount of space.
What is a natural resource?
A useful material from Earth.
What is condensation?
The process of changing water vapor to liquid.
What is surface water?
A source of water that already exists on land. An example is a lake.
What is evaporation?
The process of changing liquid water to water vapor.
What is an aquifer?
An underground layer of rock where ground water collects.
What is ground water?
Water that soaks into the ground and fills the space between soil and rocks.
What is a reservoir?
A place where water is collected and stored.
What is water pollution?
Unwanted or harmful materials in a body of water.