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Required chemical coagulation doses are commonly determines by what test
Jar Tests
Which process control guideline changes both The weight of solids in an aeration tank and The age of the sludge
Contact time within a chlorine tank should be atleast ____ minutes during periods of high flows
Atleast 20 Minutes
Bulking of activated sludge refers to
A decrease in the ability of the sludge to settle and its loss over the effluent weirs
The main action of a fixed media filter is
Not supplying enough air to the aeration tank will cause
Turbidity of the final effluent to increase
The reaction of chlorine and ammonia in wastewater produces a compound called
A wet well probe is usually used for ____ determinations of level
Single Point
FAC 62-601 states that the owner of a treatment facility shall retain operating records for a period of
3 years
Ponds which are used following a secondary form of waste treatment are usually called ____ ponds
As the wastewater is sprayed over and trickles along the media surface, ____ is dissolved in the wastewater
A pond operating depth of atleast ____ feet is recommended to prevent Tule and Cattail growth
3 Feet
A rise in the SVI indicates that
Sludge bulking may be occuring
The single most important point of the WAS control method used is that; The amount of settleable solids generated daily must be ____ to maintain the best relationship between the microorganisms and the food
FAC 62-600 lists effluent discharge requirements for BOD, Total Suspended Solids in secondary treatment process at
90% removal or 20 mg/L whichever is most stringent
In withdrawing sludge from a digester, it is necessary to allow some sludge to remain in the digester to
Provide seeding material for the new raw sludge to be entered
In a properly designed and operated wastewater treatment plant, incorporating primary and secondary treatment, what percentage of BOD reduction can be expected
The strength of wastewater is most clearly related to the concentration of
Organic Solids
Good settling sludge quality of activated sludge is indicated by a
Chloramine are
Combined Chlorine
When organic wastes are discharged to receiving waters oxygen is depleted by
The solids in raw sewage can be broken down into two groups
Organic and Inorganic
The most important purpose of chlorination in a sewage treatment plant is for the
Disinfection of the effluent
Ponding is a serious problem associated with trickling filters. What is the cause of ponding
Excessive Oranic Loading
What test is used to measure the strength of wastewater
BOD test
Characteristics that should be measured immediately after the sample is collected are
An RBC designed for nitrification usually will have four stages and DO levels of ____
4.0 to 8.0 ppm
What might cause a white filamentous growth in a RBC system
Septic Sludge Or
Industrial Waste
The correct location of the exhaust fan suction in the chlorinator room is
Near the floor
What is the minimum size sewer pipe that should be used in a public system
6 Inches
Air flow through a trickling filter when the influent is warmer than the air temperature is
Upwards through the filter
When a high organic waste load reaches an activated sludge plant, the operators first indicator is a decrease in
DO Residual in the Aeration Tank
The operator observed small particles of ashlike material floating on the clarifier surface. This can be caused by
The beginning of denitrification
A ball check valve will most likely be found in what type of pump
Reciprcating Pump
The purpose of a trickling filter is to
Oxidize the organic material
Under ice and snow cover the BOD level in ponds will normally
Increase slowly
An incubator for the BOD test should be controlled at ____ degrees C
20 degrees C
Cathodic protection for an underground liftstation means the liftstation is protected against
Electrolytic Corrosion
Why must an operator be careful when returning supernate from a digester back to the activated sludge proces
Because it is a HIGH oxygen demand source and can upset the present f/m load parameter when mixed
Better operational performance occurs in an Anaerobic digester when
Sludge is fed continuousley to the digester
In an activated sludge plant it is essiential that a minimum D.O. at the effluent end of the Aeration tank be atleast
1.0 ppm
All of the organic matter that finds its way to the bottom of a stabilization pond is subject to ____, provided that proper conditions exist or become established
Methane Fermentation
The objective of ____ is to maintain a balance between the microorganisms and the BOD/Food source
The rate at which microorganisms use oxygen in a wastewater to stabilize decomposing organic matter under Aerobic conditions is referred to as
Oxygen Feed Rate
NPDES permits apply to treatment facilities that
Dispose of sludge solids on surface or subsurface areas
The f/m Ratio is BEST expressed as
lbs BOD per day per lb of mlvss
Chlorination of the effluent of a wastewater treatment facility is usually practiced for what reason
To kill any pathgenic bacteria which may be present
The purpose of a sludge drying bed is to
Provide for the separation of much of the water from the digested sludge
The difference between an RBC unit designed for BOD removal and one designed for nitrification is the design flow per sq ft of media surface area; DO in the 1st stage of a nitrification unit will be more than 1ppm of DO and often as high as ____
2 to 3 ppm
A limitation of the RBC process compared with trickling filters is the lack of flexibility due to the absence of provisions for ____ and they are more sensitive to ____
Industrial Waste
The COD test has advantages over the BOD test in that
It takes less time to run the test
The main reason for sampling is
To provide data for plant operations
Nonfilterable residule can best be discribed as
The solids that will not pass through the filter
A trickling filter reduces the strength of waste applied to it because
The growth which becomes established on the stone uses the sewage solids for food and converts them to a less objectionable condition
The rules of the DEP concerning operator certification and wastewater treatment facility monitoring are
17-16 and 17-19
Total Solids include
Acids should never be added to chlorine because they
Cause the release of Chlorine Gas
If the sludge depth in a secondary sedimentation tank is too high what will happen
Septic conditions may occur
In general which one area in sampling and analysis do the most significant errors occur
Sampling Techniques