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Cabinet memers of Washington Administration?
Secretary of State, Treasury, War, and Attorney General
Washington's style of presidential leadership?
Suggested few laws, seldom criticized opponents, and limited his public talks to foreign relations and military affairs.
Washingtons domestic policies were by whom?
Political coalitions began to develop during Washington's first term over what?
Taxes and whiskey
Why did Jefferson favor going to war against the Barbary?
cheaper than yearly tribute
Jefferson believe French ownership of Louisiana bad?
Bonaparte, and sandwiched between France and British Canada.
Who was Lewis?
Jeffersons personal secretary
What was accomplished from the Lewis and Clark expidition?
Scientific knowledge, interest in the West, and tall tales
Main criticism of National Bank?
Gave a small elite special power to influence the gov.
Strong argument against Nat. Bank?
Congress had no Constituional power given to them to form a corporation. Loose v. strict interpretation
What year did Louisiana Purchase?
Pres. Jeffereson imagined a free and virtous American people to create what?
"empire of liberty"
What two things led to the Louisian purchase?
Jefferson appointing Monroe and Livingston to negotiate with France, and Bonaparteds did not want Caribbean anymore.
What was the price of the Louisiana purchase?
$15 million