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what is the name of the roman catholic group who fought in the wars of religion in france?
the holy league
who was the queen during the wars of religion
catherine de medici
who plotted St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
catherine de medici and henry III
What was the name of the Civil War in France in the mid-1500s
wars of religion
what years were the Wars of Religion?
1562- 1598
Why were the huguenots waging war in france?
to gain religious freedom and take control of the french government
what was the edict of nantes
a document that gave huguenots certain rights in France
why did catherine de medici murder thousands of huguenots in paris
she didn't want france to be ruled by protestants
what was the name of the french calvonists who fought in wars of religion
the huguenots
what event ignited the Wars of Religion in France?
burned a barn full of Huguenots praying
What event proved that the huguenots wanted to take over the french government
Plotted to kill the king's counslers
what year did Henry of Navarre convert to roman catholic
what is the term used to say that Henry IV converted to RC
jumped the ditch
What was Henry of Navarre's family name
how manu huguenots left France after the Edict of Nantes was revoked
How many years was henry of navarre held prisoner
3 1/2 yrs
what rights did the huguenots gain in the edict of nantes
justice, employment by the state and worship in certain areas
what is the name of the documument that gave the huguenots religious freedom in france
Edict of Nantes
who revoked the edict of nantes
Louis XIV
what was the day called when thousands of influential huguenots were murdered in france after a wedding
St. Bartholomew's day massacre
What happened on St. Batholomew's Day
Thousands of huguenots slaughtered in paris
who got married 4 days before st. bartholomews day
margret de valois and henry of Navarre
what religions did henry convert to during his life
roman catholic, huguenot, roman catholic, huguenot, roman catholic
who were the four children of henry II and Catherine de Medici
francis, charles, margaret, and henry
what year was the edict of nantes revoked
What did Henry IV say when he jumped the ditch
"Paris is well worth a mass"
who were some famous americans who had huguenot ancestory
George Washington, JOhn Adams, John Quincy Adams, JOhn Tyler, Theodore Roosevelt, Paul Revere
who were the three henrys
Henry II, Henry III, and Henry IV
when did St. Bar's occur