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King Williams War, why was it faught
1. religion (william led protestan england and Loui 14th was catholic)
2. Trade relations( france and englandwere envious of each others trade successes in the colonies)
Queen Anns's war AKA War of spanish Succession
fought in Europe
-fought to prevent frnce from joining forces with spain
- faught in northern america (french) and southern america (spanish)
Peace Of Utrecht
Ended European and Northern American Hostilities.
- British got acadia (Nova scotia), New Foundland and trading posts in the Hudson Bay
King Georges War
George II controled England
was known as the of Austrian Succesion
british seise.................
Who fight who in the French and Indian War?
the french and the indans fought the british
How does the french and indian war start?
it over land territories, the french started to make forts in the virginian towns, so the british retaliated with the invasion of fort Duquesne
who ordered washington to oust the french forts
Govenor of verginia Dinwiddie
what colonies meet in albany plan of union
NH, MD, Mass.,Va, Pa, NY, NJ
how were the grand council delegates elected from each colony
elected by their colonial legislature
who was the albany plan of union modeled after
the iroquois confederation
why did the colonial legislatures reject the Plan
because they wanted to maintain autonomy
who is general edwin bradick
leads 2 regiments of red coats and is kiled when his troops attacked the french at fort Duquense
what are some things William Pitt did that helped
-used power well
-put better people in charge and sent more troops
-hired german hessians allies to keep up the fight in Europe
-very determined to win
-allowed colonial officers equal ranks
what rivers did france control because of La Salle and champlain
St. lawrence river (quebec)
Mississippi river (new orleans)