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induce sweat
unblock channel
move yang chi
gui zhi
morning sickness
seafood poisoning.
zi su
warms middle jiao stop vomit
sheng jiang
release exterior
vents rashes
stops bleeding
Jing Jie
bi syndromes and wind damp
Fang Feng
good at stop pain wind cold
acute nose problems
bai zhi
relieves pain
better then bai zhi to stop pain and deal with cold but also for drain damp
xi xin
wind cold with dampness
bi syndrome upper part of body
qiang huo
wind damp, bi syndrome
gao ben
for wind cold during summer
xiang ru
promotes urination like ma huang but not side effects
xiang ru
unblock yang chi for abdominal distention for abdomin pain and nasal congestion
cong bai
open nasal passages- when treat nasal problems 90% of time use this herb
for nasal problems wiht deep source nasal congestion with headache, thick nasal discharge and loss of smell
cang er zi
unblock nasal passage and related headache
xin yi hua
small fur from it will stay in throat and make itchy… use cotton gause and wrap to put in water when you decoct.
xin yi hua
not for hyper tension-
ma huang
cang er zi
xi xin
stop pain
1 best 2 good 1 not as good
bai zhi, xi zin (best), qian hua, gao ben but it is pretty weak comparrably
warm lung stop cough and wheezing
xi xin
nasal problems

2 herbs
xin yi hua
cang er zi