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Lesser Gluteals
Action: Abduction

Function:Prevents Hip Flexion (hip popping from side to side)

Phase:3/4 Support
Maximus Gluteals
Action: Extension of femur

Function: Prevent trunk from moving forward

Phase: Right after heel strike
Action: Hip and Knee extension

Function: Prevents knee/body from collapsing

Phase: First 1/2 Support
Triceps Surae (Gastrocneumius, Soleus, Plantaris)
Action: Plantarflexion

Function: Plantarflexion

Phase: Second 1/2 Support
Action: Flexion of knee and thigh

Function: Prevents from foot from dragging

Phase: First 1/2 Swing
Rectus Femoris
Action: Flexion of thigh, Extension of Knee

Function: Gain momentum to move forward

Phase: Support Right before Toe Off
Dorsiflexors (Tibialis Anterior, Extensor digitorum longus, Peroneus Tertius, Extensor hallcis longus)
Action: Dorsiflexion

Function: Prevent foot from just slapping down on the floor (slows down plantarflexion)

Phase: All of Swing, a little in the beginning of Support
Action: Thigh Flexion, Lateral Rotation

Function: Slow down the momentum, prevent leg from falling backwards

Phase: Very end of support, very beginning of swing
Hamstring (Semitendiosus, Semimembranous, Biceps Femoris)
Action: Knee flexion, Thigh Extension

Function: Slow down flexion of knee and extension of the hip

Phase: Very end of swing, very beginning of support