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3 Venous systems of the leg:
Main vessels in the Superficial venous system of the leg:
-Great saphenous - drains the medial foot/leg
-Small saphenous - drains lateral foot
Where does Great Saphenous drain into deep vein system?
At the Femoral Vein in Fossa Ovalis
Where does the Small Saphenous vein drain into deep?
At the popliteal vein (posterior side of leg)
DVT at knee indicates:
Small saphenous origin of thrombus
DVT at thigh indicates:
Great saphenous origin
Which vein system drains 90% of the lower limb's blood?
Where does the plantar plexus empty blood into?
Posterior tibial vein
Where does the calf plexus empty?
Popliteal vein
Where does the adductor plexus drain?
Into the deep femoral vein.
What is housed within the Adductor canal?
-Femoral artery
-Femoral vein
-Nerve to vastus medialis
-Saphenous nerve
What are communicating veins responsible for?
Connecting the deep and superficial systems.
What are the 3 major venous plexuses in the PELVIS?
-Parauterine (in women)
Where do all the venous plexuses in the pelvis drain?
Into the internal iliac vein via the hypogastric vein.
Causes of blood stasis in the lower body:
-sitting for long periods of time
What muscle is the second heart?
Most common cause of high pressure in veins
Why does high pressure cause venous stasis disease?
Renders veins incompetent as fluid leaks around the valves.
How is this venous disease treated?
By wearing elastic stockings after the 1st trimester.