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Do we learn from past experiances?
What are the 3 basic needs?
1. Food
2. Shelter
3. Clothes
What are 4 advantages man has over animals?
1. Larger Brains
2. Can stand upright
3. Talking Mechanism
4. Hands for grasping things
What is the man in "Organized Labor by Responsibility"?
Man ~ Protector
What is the Womens role in "Organized Labor By Responsibility"?
Women ~ Food Gatherers
What are the Children's Roles in "Organized Labor by Responsibility"?
Children ~ Helping Mom
Changes people make to satisfy their needs within the constraints of their particular environment
- Southern France
- Modern Man
- Draw and Paint
- Tools (Chisel) ((Burien))
Roam from place to place to warmer climates ((The First Women Farmers EVER))
Change Alteration of the culture through technology and social organization...
...Change Alteration of the culture through technology and social organization...
There was a shift in culture from food hunting to food producing...
farming and animal domestication
The First Women Farmers were in what 2 countries?
Mexico and China
Trade goods for goods
Name the four River Valleys?
1. Tigrus Euphates River
2. Indus River
3. Nile River Valley
4. Yellow River
What was the First Metal Ever Used?
- Indonesia
- Short, powerful
- low forehead
- caves
Java/Peking Man
- Germany
- short
- clothes ((Covers))
- use of fires
- religion ((Buried their dead))