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I desgined the dome for the Florence cathedral.
Filippo Brunelleschi
i was the "father of humanism"and i developed the sonnet. My true love, Laura, died from the plague
I designed the dome for St Peter's Cathedral in Rome.
I painted the "School or Athens" and the pope's apartments.
I painted scenes of everyday life of the peasants in Flounders.(peasant dance)
pieter bruegel
I introduced the use of oil paints and used them to paint realistic portraits such as "arnolfini Marriage"
jan van eyck
I am a german engraver, and woodcut artist who designed the "Knight, Death, and the Devil"
albrecht durer
My paintings are so real they look like photographs. I painted Henry VIII
Hans holbein
I advised rulers to do anything to stay in power
Niccolo machiavelli
I sculpted a 16-foot statue of david
The last supper was one of my famous paintings.
Da vinci
The Renaissance began where?
The new philosophy of the renaissance was?
the rebirth or renewed interest in the ancient roman and greek culture.
The statue of mary holding the crucified body of jesus was?
la pieta
A picture of mary holding baby jesus is called?
The "father of Christian Humanism" is?
Desiderius Erasmus
The greatest english writer whose plays were performed at the Globe Theater was?
I invented the printing press
Johannes Gutenberg
The first book printed was the?
Some effects of the printing press were
100 printers were invented , increased publics desire to gain knowledge, encourage schloars research
A person's every day language is called ?
The use of ______ gives the illusion of depth to a painting?
My 23-foot horsewas never bronzed and the enemy used it for target practice.
Andrea del Verrocchio
I painted the ceiling of the sistine chapel.
the pope lives at a ________?
The family ruled in Florence and were patrons for artists.
This painter also excelled in engineering and the natural sciences
da vinci
Characteristics of renaissance art are?
sought to immate nature, show reality of objects and events
I kept notebooks of my desgins. I liek to write backwards.
da vinci
I ruled matua when my husband was kiddnapped. i supported the arts
Isabella d' este
A painting on wet plaster is a ____
I wrote don quixote
i painted the famous mona lisa
da vinci
The dates of the renaissance are?
I often apinted my portraits in groups such as Night Watch, and Anatomy Lesson
Michelangelo named my bronze baptistry doors the "Gates of Paradise"
Lorenzo Ghiberti
My hot temper got me in trouble more then once. I wrote the first autobiography of the renaissance and created a salt cellar
benvenuto cellini
I restricted life so much after overthrowing the Medici that I was later tried and hanged
Girolamo Savonarola
My Bronze statue of David is much smaller then Michelangelo's
Andrea del verrachio
My use of perspective brought me the title of "father of modern painting"