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What family do VZV and CMV belong to? what commonalities exist between members of this family?
*all members can adpt latent forms and all appear very similar
What is the primary presentation of VZV? How does the reactivated form present?
*the primary infection causes varicella, or chickenpox
*the reactivated infection presents as zoster, or shingles
What symptoms are seen in chickenpox?
*disseminated vesicular rash
*headache and malaise
*low-grade fever
Name three complications that are possible with chicken pox.
1.Secondary infection of lesions
2.Varicella pneumonia
3.Reye's syndrome
4.Post-infectious encephalomyelitis
What symptoms are seen in shingles? What complications are possible?
*painful lesions in an area defined by the dermatome of a sensory nerve
*main complication is post-herpetic neuralgia characterized by sensory hypersensitivity
Describe the path of VZV during an initial (primary) infection.
*initial replication in respiratory epithelium
*spread to regional lymph nodes
*cell-associated viremia with infection of liver and spleen
*secondary viremia to cutaneous epithelia and respiratory sites
*latent state in DRG
How is VZV transmitted? What makes avoidance difficult?
*respiratory droplets
*viral particles are shed before the start of symptoms
How many times will a person have chickenpox? Shingles?
*varicella will occur only once - primary infection confers lifelong immunity against this form
*zoster is also usually limited to a single episode
What can be done to treat or to prevent cases of VZV infection?
*prevention is by attenuated vaccine
*acyclovir can be used to treat an ongoing infection
*zoster immunoglobulin can be used to prevent infection in high risk patients