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What percentage of vulvovaginitis in prepubertal girls is nonspecific?
25 to 75 percent
Name 8 other causes of vulvovaginitis in the prepubertal girl
Pinworm, respiratory pathogens, candida, gardnerella vaginalis, sexually transmitted diseases, foreign body, polyp or tumor, urethral prolapse, lichen sclerosis
How does gardnerella vaginalis present in a prepubertal girl?
Usually no discharge
How does Neisseria gonorrhoeae present in a prepubertal girl?
usually with a green or mucoid vaginal discharge; rarely asymptomatic
When is the peak incidence of sarcoma botryoides?
2-5 years
How is urethral prolapse treated?
Topical estrogen cream BID x 2 weeks
How does Lichen sclerosus present?
itching, discomfort in the vulvar area, bowel or bladder symptoms, discharge, or bleeding. white onion skin-like lesion, typically in an hourglass configuration with the whitened skin circumscribing the vulvar and perianal areas, may be punctate hemorrhages
How is lichen sclerosis treated?
topical, high potency corticosteroids (eg, clobetasol 0.05 percent ointment or halobetasol 0.05 percent ointment), applied twice daily for two weeks up to 12 weeks
When are labial adhesions treated?
When they interfere with urination
How are Labial adhesions treated?
Topical estrogen cream twice a day at point of midline fusion; do not tear adhesion; apply vaseline BID after separated
Side effect of premarin cream?
Breast bud formation; resolves after cessation of topical estrogen cream
Which adhesions fail treatment with premarin?
Thick ones without a median raphe
How are adhesions that fail premarin treatment treated?
Which areas are usually involved in straddle injuries?
anterior area of the vulva, including the mons, clitoral hood, and anterior aspect of the labia
Which injuries are more suggestive of sexual abuse?
the posterior fourchette and hymenal area