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Como estas? Me llamo __. Yo soy to enfermera estudiante por oy.
How are you. My name is __. I will be your student nurse for today.
Do you have any pain? Where?
Tienes dolore? Donde?
How much is your pain on a scale of one to ten?
De una a diez, quanto te duele? Uno siendo bajo y diez siendo alto.
Puedo tomar tu temperatura?
Can I take your temperature?
Can I take your blood pressure?
(HR on machine/ RR done secretly)
Puedo tomar la pression de tu sangre?
When was the last time you voided?
Quando fue sa ultima ves que horrino?
When was your last bowel movement?
Quando iseis te poo-poo?
Can I see your stomach? (fundus)
Puedo ver tu pansa?
Do you have bllod (lochia) on your pad? Alot or little?
Te has cambiado la toalla santaria? Quanto sangre tenia? Mucho o poquito?
De que color era la sangre?
what is the color of the blood (lochia)?
Do you want some water?
Quieres agua?
Do you need anything while I am here?
Necesitas algo mientras que estoy aqui?