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Define the internet.
A set of subnets connected to routers.
What is a communication network that serves users within a confined geographical area?
Local or state authorities may regulate what type of network?
A Metropolitan Area Network.
What type of network provides services for 2 to 10 users?
Peer to peer.
How many users does a single server network normally service?
10 to 50.
What type of network service 1000 or more users?
Enterprise network.
Name three types of media used today for networking?
Twisted pair, coax, and fiber optic.
What do we call noise arising from signals on other wires in the cable or other cables?
What is the term for a measurement of data transferred through the medium between network connections?
What form of communication is used when information is transmitted in groups or blocks of data?
Define the three types of communication modes.
Simplex-A one way transmission.
Half duplex-transmission is in one direction at a time.
Full duplex-transmission happens both directions simultaneously.
What are the two most common guages of cabling used for network purposes?
22 guage and 24 guage.
What defines 1 Gbps data transfer over distances up to 100 meters using four pairs of CAT-5 balanced copper cabling?
What type of network uses a laser or light emmitting diode to send a signal through the core portion of the cable?
Fiber optic.
In a fiber optic cable, what is the principle that keeps light trapped in the core and allows it to bend around curves in the fiber?
Total internal reflection.
What can patterns of light transmitted through a fiber optic cable be translated into?
Voice, video or data.
What type of cable is the predominant type of LAN fiber installed within buildings?
Differentiate multimode from singlemode fiber.
Multimode-generally used in a LAN and the signal is generated by an LED.
Singlemode-used to provide high bandwwith for long distances,signal is generated by a laser.
What network topology consists of a single central cable to which all computers and other devices connect?
The bus network.
On what type of network topology does the data travel to each computer on the network until it reaches its destination?
A ring network.
What is the main disadvantage of the star topology?
Reliance on a central node to perform almost all the functions on the network.
What type of network is advantageous in a hostile environments in which connections are easily broken?
A mesh topology.
Define a hybrid topology.
A group of star connected networks connected on a linear bus backbone.
What is the data rate capacity for FDDI networks?
100 mbps.
What is the max distance of the FDDI network?
100 Km or 60 miles.
Name the three lower layers of the OSI model.
Physical,datalink,network layers.
Whaich layer provides a routing path through a network by which users can communicate?
The network layer.
The X.25 standard is designed for what kind of switching technique?
Packet switching.