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What is considered official mail?
official US government business
What is the term referring to the total system that collects, processes, and delivers communications?
Who is responsible for establishing a BITS to rpovide on-base distribution of communications?
installation commander
Who acts as a bridge between the action office and the BITC?
Activity Distribution Office (ADO)
What office uses and/or responds to official communications?
Action Office (AO)
What is considered an overseas extension of the USPS?
Military Postal Service (MPS)
Who has the responsibility for continued movement of mail once if arrives overseas?
What type of mail class can not be used to send personal correspondences?
standard mail
What refers to information or material of which unauthorized disclousre could reasonabily be expected to cause serious damage to national security?
What refers to information or material of which unauthorized disclousre could reasonabily be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to national security?
Top Secret
What refers to information or material of which unauthorized disclousre could reasonabily be expected to cause damage to national security?
What are the two classification decisions?
originial and derivative
Who is responsible for ensuring individuals who need access to classified information sign the SF 312?
the unit commander or staff agency chiefs
Who is responsible for protecting and accounting for clasified material at all times?
custodian of classified material
Who is responsible for determining an individual's "need to know" for classified information?
the authorized possessor of the classified information
What is required for a person to receive classified information?
need to know, proper secuirty clearance, and a signed nondisclosure agreement
What should you do with classified material when it is taken out of approved storage containers?
keep it under constant watch
Who establishes and publishes minimum standards, specifications, and supply schedules for containers and associated security devices?
General Service Administration (GSA)
What line should you use to identify the source of an originally classified document?
"classified by" line
What does the "declassify on" line indicate?
the duration of classification
How are slides and transparencies marked?
the overall classification and special control notices on the image area of the item and also on the border, holder, or frame
Who acts as the agent for all official on-base activities?
What is accountable mail?
communications for which accountability must be maintained
What does the Air Force use to help control the communication while in the Air Force channels?
container numbers
What is the best choice for ensuring accountable containers remain in a controlled environment?
registerd mail
What classifications of information must be transmitted through BITS?
secret and confidential
Which method is used when transmitting Top Secret material to an installation serviced by diplomatic pouch?
The Department of State Diplomatic Courier Service
When can the Defense Courier Service transmit Secret material?
when it cannot be kept in U.S. custody
To whom is classified material addressed?
to an official government activity and not to a person
When is it not required to use an outer container or Secret, Confidential, or Unclassified information?
when entering secret and below material into the BITC
When a response is not recieved on a receipt for classified information, within what time frame is a tracer action done?
30 days-Conus
40 Days-OConus
How must an intrabase transfer of Confidential or Secret information be packaged?
package in a single opaque container with the classification marked on both sides of the container
How is confidential and secret material controlled when being transmitted off-base?
AF IMT 12 and an accountable container number
What is placed on the envelope used to tramit Confidential material sent First-class or priority mail?
Endorse "Return Service Requested" on the envelope
When are classifed document destroyed?
when they have served their purpose
Who is responsible for the destruction of classified material?
the user
What is required in the destruction process of Top Secret information?
two cleared people and the use of destruction records
Which form shuld you use to record the destruction of Secret and Confidential information?
AF IMT 310 or AF Form 1565
What must you do with unsealed containers endorsed "DO NOT FORWARD" that remain in action offices at the close of business?
inspect to determine the classification of contents and protect them accordingly
Which mail class is for use only be authorized publishers and registerd newsagents?
What type of security classification involves information that is extracted or paraphrased?
Who determines whether the recipient has a legitimate need for access to the classified information?
Who is responsible for protecting and accounting for classified material at all times?
Who ensures that action offices package and address communications correctly and the essential mailing elements stand out?
Activity Distribution Office (ADO)
The purpose of conducting end-of-day security checks in units that process classified information is to ensure
classified information is stored appropriately
What is any knowing, willful, or negligent action that could reasonably be expected to result in an unauthorized disclosure of classified information?
What is not a purpose of classifed markings and designations?
provide guidance on disposition of records
Where is the overall classification placed on slides and transparancies?
image area of the item and border, holder, or frame
To help control accountable communications while in Air Force channels, the Air Force uses
container numbers
The best choice for ensuring accountable containers stay in a controlled environment is to mail them
When you mail classified material, address containers to the
office that is to take action to it
Who is responsilbe for ensuring an adequate local destruction facility exists?
Installation commander