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Which MOF section is responsible for monitoring and coordinating sortie and maintenane production and overall execution of the flying and maintenane schedules?
Who is responsible for appointing, in writing, a highly qualified individual to perform Engine Health Management duties?
Which MOF section is responsible for coordinating aircraft maintenance requirements and ensuring proper utilization scheduling between the OG and MXG andany other applicable external agencies?
MOF plans, scheduling and documentation
What are unit training managers responsible for doing in addition to assisting squadron commanders with training matters?
Managing squadron enlisted speciality training programs
Is the MTF normally allowed to duplicate training taught on base by locally assigned AETC training Detachment?
Programs and Resources Flight personnel are primarily responsible for managing with programs within the Maintenance Group?
manning, facilities, support agreements and deployment programs.
Within the Programs and Resources flight who can give technical assistance for palletizing equipment or doing a deployment site survey?
Logistics planner
What ar eteh four types of evaluations that help QA to accomplish its mission?
PEs, QUI, SIs and MIs
With regard to W&B scale readings and computations, what is the NCOIC/manager of the W&B program personally responsible for doing?
verifyingscale reading and accomplishing or overseeing the actual computations
What are the standard sections of an AMU?
Aircraft, specialist, scheduling weapons, debrief and support
What is the definition of sortie generation?
the cumulative effort required to launch and recover sorties
Who is responsible for ensuring aircraft forms sets are made available to the debrief section by the end of the flying day if debriefs ahve been suspended due to aircraft flying surge operations?
Flightline expediter and pro super
What are some of the entries that debrief must ensure that the aircraft commander/pilot makes on the applicable AFTO 781 Forms/IMT during the debriefing session?
New discrepancies noted, aircraft condition codes, flying times, servicing data and any other required entries
What are the tree different types of crew chief positions that can be assigned to the aircraft section?
DCCs, ADCCs, and FCCs
In addition to being a SSgt or higher and possessing a 2A3X3, 2A5X1, or 2A5X2 AFSC, how many months experience must a crew cheif have on a specific MDS before being selected as a DCC?
6 months
In a gernal sense, what are DCCs and ADCCs charged with doing in respect to their assigned aircraft?
Managing and supervising all maintenance on their assigned aircraft
Why is the specialist section NCOIC responsible for promoting cross-talk with other unit's specialist sections?
To obtain information on system/component repeat, recur, and CND trends
Why specialists duties include maintaining ECS, Bleed air, vacuum, pneumatic, fire suppression, and oxygen systems?
E + E specialist
what are the two standard elements in an AMU weapons section?
Loading and maintenance
What are the two parts of a weapon section called in a standard ANG unit?
weapons loadingand armament systems
Who serves as the key advisor to the AMXS operations officer on factors that affect weapons training, weapons loading, and armament system maintenance capabilities for the AMU?
Weapons section NCOIC
What is the AMU PS&D responsible for informing AMU supervision and MOF PS&D about with regard to the production effort?
Maintenance capabilities or limiting factors that could affect the maintenance production effort
On what AF IMT does AMU PS&D document AMU deviations from the published maintenance and flying schedule?
AF IMT 2407
How often are AMU PS&D personnel required to review each aircraft jacket file to verify standardization
The NCOIC of AMU support must come from two AFSC series
2aXXX or 2Wxxx
What is the minimum amount of time that personnel are normally assigned to the support section?
12 months
What information must supply support personnel keep expediters updated on?
The status of all back-ordered parts
What sections are in a standard Accessories Flight?
E+E, egress, fuel systems and hydraulic sections
What Accessories flight section is responsible for repairing oxygen and nitrogen servicing carts?
E+E section
When egrees explosive devices are damaged or suspected to be unsafe, who doest he Egress sectoin request assistence from?
What three sections are usually part of an AGE flight?
Repair + inspection; servicing, pickup, and delivery, and AGE production support.
What AGE Flight section performs maintenance that is beyond the capability of servicing, pickup, and delivery section?
Repair and inspection
What AGE flight section is responsible for maintaining TO files?
AGE production support
What is the overall mission of the Armament flight?
To perform off-equipment maintenance for assigned aircraft armament systems, guns, pylons, racks, launchers and adapters
Who does the Armament Flight CC/Chief assist in recommending distributions of 2W1X1 personnel to satisfy on- and off-equipment weapons release and gun system maintenance?
Which Armament Flight section coordinates with AMU PS&D in scheduling inspections, TCTOs, and time changes?
Armament Maintenance
When my historical records, AFTO IMT 95s, be maintained on selected avionics assets?
`When closer trackign of failure data would enhance repair capability
Which avionics flight section maintains LANTIRN pods?
What section maintains, programs, and performs TCTOs on avionics components when the specificed test stations and support equipment are available in the section?
Avoionics intermediate
What secions make up the Fabrication Flight?
Structural Maintenance, metals technology, survial equipment, and NDE
What fabrication flight section is responsible for corrosion control?
What is Metals Technology section tasked with doing?
Inspecting repairing, servicing manufacturing, fabricating, heat treating, testing, cleaning, and welding
What four sections normally make up the Maintenance Flight?
Repair and Reclamation,Wheel and tire, Aircraft Inspection, and Transient Alert
Which maintenance flight section removes, replaces, and rigs flight control surfaces?
Repair and Reclammation
What is the definition of transient aircraft?
aircraft not assigned to the local base are en route from one location to another that may require routine servicing
Which munitions flight section assembles, disassembles, delivers, inspects, and maintains conventional munitions, missiles, containers, and dispensers?
Munitions production
Which munitions flight section recieves, stores, warehouses, handles, breaks out, inspects, ships, inventories, and transports equipment such as containers, dispensers, and training items and coordinates off-base movements with the base transportation organization?
Munitions Material
Which munitions flight section manages unit mobility and training programs?
munition systems
WHo acts as the wing focal point for propulsion maintenance programs and gives advice to wing leadership about propulsion issues?
Propulsion flight cc/chief
Which propulsion flight section sotres, builds up, tears down, modifies, and repairs engines, quick engine change kits, and test components?
JEIM section
Which propulsino flight section is responsible for maintaining, managing, and storing engine support trailers?
engine equipment maintenance section
Which TMDE flight section performs in-laboratory and on-site calibration and repair using laboratory equipment and claibration standards?
who do the PMEL QA section evaluators report their inspection findings to?
TMDE flt CC/Chief
What are the four elements of TMDE production control section?
customer service, production scheduling, traffice managemetn, and maintenance supply liason
The Ogden ALC provides logistics management and depot level maintenance support for what aircraft?
F-22, F-16, A-10, and C-130
The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center provides support for depot-level repairs, modifications, overhaul and functional check flights for what aircraft?
B-1, B-52, C/K-135, E-3, and Navy E-6.
The warner robins air logistics center provides maintenance, logistics, managemetn and engineering support for what aircraft?
F-15, C-5, C-141,C-130, C-17, U-2, and all AF helicopters
What is the basic mission of the AF flight Test Center?
To conduct and support research, development, text and evaluation of aerospace systems from the time they are first developed until they are ready for combat operations
Aircraft missions flown by the AF Flight Test Center evaluate everything from airframe structures and propulsion to avionics and electronic warfare. What is the purpose for doing this?
To ensure that these weapons systems are suitable for their intended combat missions
The AAC is responsible for doing what?
Development, acquisition, testing and deployment of conventional and nuclear air-delivered weapons
What is the basic mission of AMARC?
To provide for long team aircraft storage, Aircraft maintenance, and asset regeneration for warfighter sustainment.
Other than aircraft, AMARC provides for storage, regeneration, reclamation, and disposal of what type of aerospace related equipment?
special tooling, special test equipment, engine pylons and pylon load adapters, and miscellaneous airfram components
What ACC program does AMARC support by regenerating and delivering F-4 aircraft?
The full-scale aerial target program.
Which of the following sections is NOT part of the MOF?
Quality Assurance
Which of the following sections is responsible for managing the Location subsystem of the IMDS-CDB for aircraft udner its control?
Maintenance Operations Center
Which of the following classes is NOT normally taught by a maintenance groups maintenance training flight?
Quality Assurance
UTMS are administratively assigned to the
Maintenance training flight
The programs and Resources Flight is responsible for managing and controlling what IMDS-CDB subsystem for the maintenance group?
Maintenance Personnel
The SORTS data gathered and approved each month by the maintenance group is
Forwarded to be combined with other wing data
Which of teh following does programs and Resources flight maintain for the maintenance group?
Support agreements
Who is responsible for managing the MSEP for the maintenance group?
Quality Assurance
When a case of aircraft chaffing is reported, what percentage of assigned like model aircraft MUST be inspected to determine if other aircraft are also experienceing the problem?
AMUS must provide inputs to the maintenance group through the operations officer for the development of an annual maintenance plan to
ensure maintenance capabilities are not exceeded and commitmenst can be met.
in an AMU, who is PRIMARILY responsible for using fault reporting manuals to identify fault codes to aid maintainers in aircraft troubleshooting?
Debrief Personnel.
What LSC is recorded for an aircraft that experienced a ground abort?
Code 0.
Which of the following is NOT assigned to the AMU aircraft section?
Load crew cheif
Who must approve a waiver to allow maintenance personnel in non-crew chief AFSCs to be appointed as a DCC?
Group Commander
What type of specialist is tasked to troubleshoot and repair aircraft interphone systems?
Which of the following specialists is sometimes assigned to the specialist section of an AMU?
Electronic warfare
In squadron-sized fighter aircraft units, the AMUs Weapons section Maintenance element is SOMETIMES combined with the
armament flight in the Maintenance Squadron
Load crew cheifs are normally 2W1X1 AFSC NCOs with what skill level?
On a weekly basis the AMUs PS&D section is required to provide a listing of scheduled maintenance job control numbers to
The maintenance Operations Flight PS&D
The AMU's PS&D section reports directly to
AMU supervision
The package that contains aircraft and maintenance historical documents is called the
aircraft jacket file
The AMU support section is NOT responsible for
classified aircraft parts
Why is it important for support sections to standardize procedures across the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron?
Security, control, and accountability reasons.
Which of the following is not normally a function ofthe Acessories flight fuel systems sections?
Installing external fuel tanks on aircraft
Who must the AGE flight commander/chief notify when the mission essential AGE levels fall below predetermined limit?
Maintenance Operations Center
Which section is responsibel for performing minor maintenance on AGE and preparing AGE for deployment?
Servicing, pickup, and delivery
Who do AGE schedulers work for and report to on a daily basis?
Production support section NCOIC.
If a CAST is formed, which section normally assigns personnel to support the cast?
Alternate mission equipment.
Which section is tasked with performing use calibration and maintenance on TMDE for the armament flight?
Armament support
A 2LM Avionics section is NOT normally allowed to perform which of the following repairs?
LRU overhaul
Which Avionics flight section is responsible ffor performing off-equipment maintenance on pressure altimeters, engine test cell instrumentation, INS, and navigation computers?
Guidance and Control systms
If required, which Fabrication flight section is responsible for manufacturing and inspecting thermal radiation barriers and soundproofing materials?
Surviavl Equipment
Which section is part of the Maintenance Squadrons Maintenance flight?
Wheel and Tire
Which maintenance flight section is often tasked with rigging and replacing landing gears and performing work that is beoynd the capability of other activities?
Repair and Reclamation
If Munitions is NOT established as a Maintenance Squadron flight, it can be established as a
Separate squadron in the Maintenance Group
Which section is responsible for assembling, disassembling, delivering, inspecting, and maintaining assigned MMHE for the munitions flight?
Munitions production
Whcih section is responsible for providing broad control and support for all Munitions flight activities by planning, scheduling, coordinating, controlling, and directing their activities?
Munitions Systems
Which propulsion flight section processes supply requests, manages bench stock, and operates tool storage areas?
Which section is responsible for proper tracking and completion of TCTOs for the Propulsion flight?
Jet, Turbo-shaft Engine Intermediate Maintenance.
Which section is responsible for repariing, storing, and maintaining fuel nozzles, fuel manifolds, oil pumps, afterburners, thrust reversers, and other engine components for the propulsion flight?
Module/Accessory Repair
Which section is responsible for performing in-laboratory and on-site calibration and repair for the TMDE flight?
Which TMDE flight section contains the customer service element?
Production Control
For technical order related duties, the TMDE TODO/TODA person or section is responsible to the
Production Control
For technical order related duties, the TMDE TODO/TODA person or section is responsible to the
TMDE flight commander/cheif
Where is the Ogden Air Logistics Center located?
Hill AFB
Which agency provides management support for LANTRIN pods and system?
Warner Robins Air Logistics Center
Where is the AF Flight Test Center located?
Edwards AFB.
The AF flight Test center has played a major role in the test and development of every major weapon system in teh AF inventory for how many years?
Which unit is NOT a component of a the Air Armament Center?
412th test wing
Where is the aerospace maintenance and regeneration center located?
Davis-Monthan AFB.